Day 19Edit

Ugh everytime I get exiled I don't get to skip tribal lol


Day 20Edit

As I said after I selected my tribe... everyone in this season pretty much sucks. The merge tribe is going to be half people who don't submit challenges, but will still vote


Jo has done literally nothing this season, yet, she will make merge, and end up voting for a winner. She has been saved from elimination, by exile, and inactive people


Well I have been talking to some people on my tribe and I might not be as screwed as I thought I was. It seems like there are a few people who want to keep the Toliara people together so that could be a huge step forward for me. I still feel very unsafe though, so getting this idol is of utmost importance. I just hope someone hasn't found it already


Day 21Edit

No Confessionals Were Made On This Day