Tribes are competing teams in the 703 Survivor seasons. Tribes usually have between four to eleven people at the beginning of the game; the largest tribe was Tarachi, which had 16 people at its peak, while the smallest are the tribes of Survivor: Chaos, which originally had 2 players.

Dividing Into TribesEdit

Most commonly in Survivor, the tribes are divided by the moderators before the game begins.

In Survivor: Wales, the castaways were initially not assigned into a tribe. There was a Day 1 Challenge, in which the highest scoring female and highest scoring male would be responsible for starting the Schoolyard Pick.

Tribe ColorEdit

Bold Text Merged Tribe
Italic Text Dissolved Tribe
Underlined Text Auxiliary Tribe
Regular Text Lasted until merge

703 ORG Network Tribe Colors per Season
Season Orange Yellow/Gold Green Blue/Teal Red Magenta/Pink Brown Purple Black White/Grey
Wales Dyfrgi Ddraig Cymru
Africa Toliara Simba Atsimo
Italy Figa Fanculo Socimi Variara Perosa
Australia Bimberi Kinalla Coolabah
Mongolia Gechii Bayartai Saihan Shan Yu
Japan Dākusukai Shika Okami Zaru
Chile Cerro Patos Hevan
Resurgence Shang Qin Mushu
Canada Yukon Nain Okak
Isla Del Sol Manco Capac Cobo Qala Fuerza Murokata
Minoan Empire Anbaryna Tarachi
Skye Islands Bhaltos Torrin Kilbride Dunan
Siem Reap Varin Kandal Pailin
Tokelau Lunata Aros Toloa Atafu
Socotra Darsah Matiaf Sharij
Papua New Guinea Wombun Kilimbit Saranoa Indingai
Antarctica Krill Ferrar Aurora
Visayas Cebu Higanti Leyte
Sumbawa Alor Dabu Dada Savu Buru
Heroes Vs. Villains Heroes Villains Terra
Kerala Thikkpapa Periyar Thekkady
San Marcos Tacana Catarina Queztal Yaknad
El Salvador Gibby Ceniza Brisa
Caracol Yajaw Rosa Mai Cayo Maya Macal
Resurrection Azorella Gallieni Couvreux Grande Terre Bizet
Chaos Ohana Nanakuli Waikahe Ewa Hana Luapele Uhane Pukalani
Axupa Moana Kahakai Kesha
Bora Bora Anau Thotemanu Motu Floréal Vaitape
Carthage Zama Tharros Messana
Hallasan Donnaeko Wonsan Sogeum Jinan
Legends Sagikkun Gongsang Chubang Salam Jeonseol
Byzantium Trebizond Chalcedon Edessa


  • Blue is the most used tribe color with it being used 22 times.
  • Purple is the most recurring tribe color; having been used 12 consecutive times.
  • Brown is the most unused tribe color as it has been used only twice.
  • Purple, Blue, Green are the most common merge colors, being used four times each.

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