Day 30Edit

Im sad i had to vote off szymon i really care for him.. He is such a good friend i just hope he is okay :( The only thing i really need to do right now is just make a new majority so i can at least make it to the end i really dont want to be going to the jury....... I want to win but there is only some time to prove so but i really dont want to go to the jury since they are probably gonna throw my wig in the fire when i get there :(


Voting out a Hero for a reason like that is hard. We all respect Szymon as a player and he is one of the first people I watched in a full season. I feel like this is a bad point in the game. We are now outnumbered 4-3 when it comes to original tribal lines. Hopefully, we can convince a Villain that we are the best option for them. Plus we have my 'idol' ;) and Emma's Light Pearl.


Jenn is a BEAST. She is the biggest threat in the game. She is also someone who is on the outs. There are some risks into trying to get her to flip. One being that she could take the spot of someone that is in the remaining Hereos if she is in the Final Four. These next few days are crucial in the game.


Day 31Edit

wow i love touchy subjects im exicted to get all the bad answers!!!! Also for hottest castaway i have dreams of jennifers mangatar and everyone elses (heart eyes emoji)


Bryce better get his ass online me and dusks life depends on it.



YAY BRYCE IS ONLINE!!!! Now i honestly need to get thru these few votes and honestly im still upset about the last vote off mostly at myself for not being mostly there for him ya know?? That vote was very emotional but i really need to stop caring since i felt emotional ever since evas boot and caring about those stuff in an all star season can fuck you up so much... Right now i need to focus getting me dusk and bryce far one side of me said the villains are not as tight and the other side is the villians will pick us off but i honestly dont know.... If they are planning to vote off bryce and if they are im gonna try to get bryce to play his idol on himself... When the votes are even when the last time ill play my dark pearl ill play it!!! I may have 0 chance of winning this game but i just gotta try really hard even when stuff gets really hard.

My boot list right now how i want it to be like is

7: Sora or Jennifer 6: Jennifer or Sora or Alissa 5: Alissa or Eddie 4: Eddie F3 ME DUSK AND BRYCE F2 DUSK AND I

Reasons why i want them gone!!!

Sora: Probably the biggest threat in the game even he has been helping me the past day with the szymon boot and being a good friend he has to go!

Jennifer: Probably gonna mike holloway to the end and probably get all the jury votes from thomas, bas, miguel basically anyone.

Alissa: Really likeable still not sure if i want her gone before eddie or anyone i feel like she is playing kinda the same game as moi.

Eddie: Could get all the jury votes from the villians.

Bryce: Loyalty to dusk of course unless if dusk tries to cut me before the end.

Me and Dusk for the f2 please!!!



Day 32Edit

This vote is pretty damn scary, not gonna lie. Eddie actually talked to me about it which I'm happy about. Jenn actually wanted to talk to me about but is seening me right now which just adds to the shadiness. Alissa doesn't talk to me in the first place so forget that lol. Sora could be acting shady but idk. I feel like it's gonna be me idk why. I worked my ass off from Day 1 not trying to go far in the game to make a good placement but to be Sole Survivor and make the best placemtn. I really hope I know that it's me so Bryce can play the idol on me, I would be so happy. I just hope me and Emma are able to make it to the end and whatever happens happens, if she beats me, I'll be glad that I went to the end with a person that I allied with since day 1 when me, Emma, and Szymon made the Holy Trinity alliance and talked on Skype and just did everything together in this game, pretty much my ride-or-dies. This has been a great experience so far, and have been loving the season, my fellow tribemates who are all amazing and happy I met them <3, and definitely the hosts who deserve lots of damn credit for hosting like holy shit, produced such a good season. I just hope it's not me cuz I've been working so damn hard to lose this game, I really feel like the underdog this season cuz I'm surrounded by a bunch of icons rn, even since day 1! I'd be surprised if I'm on anyone's draft cuz these people are just pure icons and then there's good ole Dusk just sitting in the middle of everything from the lame ass season that was Visayas. So yea, crossing my fingers, talking to everyone, and hoping for the outcome to not be me going home! <3


Movie on 10 9 16 at 2 28 PM-002:08

Movie on 10 9 16 at 2 28 PM-0


Looks like Jennifer isn't going with us. She spilled the beans that we were voting Sora. I'm pretty much screwed over at this point. I'm the goat headed to FTC so I'm more than likely to go home this time. I just hope that somehow this thing is real. Otherwise, 7th place here I come!


Movie on 10 10 16 at 11 51 AM07:20

Movie on 10 10 16 at 11 51 AM


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