• Come on in guys! Are you ready for your first challenge?

    Today you will be competing for this.

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    This is immunity. It will keep you safe and earn you another 3 days in this game. The winning tribe will earn this and the power of Sanctuary. Sanctuary grants you the power to keep someone in the losing tribe safe from being voted off in their tribal council. NOW ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR THE CHALLENGE?! You are gonna have twerk together if you want to win immunity.

    Today you will be playing a classic game: Quest For Fire. This challenge is simple: Each tribe with have their own 'Quest for Fire' thread. One member will post "Lights torch for (tribe name) and passes it to (tribe member" the member they pass it to will then post "takes torch from (member they received torch from) and passes it to (tribe member)" this process goes on until only one member remains. The last member must post "takes torch from (tribe member) and lights the cauldron for (tribe name)".

    The tribe that finishes first, or gets the furthest in 24 hours will win. The last tribe to finish will head to tribal council, where someone will be the first person voted out of this game.

    Some additional rules:

    • You must be logged in when you post, or else it will be deleted.
    • You can't delete a post, and once you pass it to someone, that decision is final.
    • The challenge will begin at 9PM est after this is posted.



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