• Day Zero-It's On


    Come on in guys. Welcome to Survivor: Wales Druid Sanctuary! Take a look around you. The eighteen of you will be sharing your time here on one beach. I'm sure you've noticed that you do not have buffs yet. Those will come in time. For now, I suggest you take the next day to get to know the other people standing on the mat with you.

    Additionally, today you will be competing for immunity. However, this only guarantees your safety for the next 24 hours. There are two immunity necklaces; one each for the highest scoring male, one for the highest scoring female.


    Guys, you will be playing for this shaman necklace. Girls, you will be playing for this shaman headdress.

    Your task is simple. To balance a weight on your finger for as long as you can, you will be playing Tilt (

    Scores are due in 24 hours at 1910 UTC, September 1, 2014. The current UTC time is in the corner of this page. Send your scores to or to a host on Facebook


    Survivors ready? Go!!
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