Day 34Edit

So Bryce went home, that's all the Qin's *dusts hands off*. Final 6, and my allies must turn on one another. I think I've done a good job of picking people who are incapable of stirring forces against me. Emma and Sean trust me (they're great <3) and Ian and Norbert probably don't have the charisma to rile 4 votes against me. Jordan is weird.

Jordan just messaged me, and said: "If I want to win, I'd probably have to flip on you, and probably go with Norbert and someone else. But idc. I was inactive at the beginning of this, and still kinda am because of work and finals. You've put so much effort in, and deserve this." I really hope he's being honest with me, because it would be really great if he would be willing to be that loyal to me. I like my alliance :)


Gurl....Me when Norbert is being a #fake telling me that he is gonna shower!!! and he is still online smh!!


I am honestly ready to make a move.

and to fuck shit up now. also rip bryce... i am glad i got to play with him! he is one of my favorite people i ever got to play with he fought so hard everyday in this game i respect him so much... but if made it to the end then he would of won... but i wanna win not him or perry or sean or jordan i want emma to win!


Day 35Edit

Today is so hard omg. I want the final 4 to be myself, Ian, Norbert and Jordan, which means Emma and Sean have to go in the following two tribals.

I'm sure I could get rid of Sean now if I wanted to, but I'm not sure if I could get rid of Emma next round if Sean left. I'm fairly certain I could rile people up against Emma this round, but I don't know if I want to leave Sean in for another round, since he's got the best chance at beating me for immunity. I've been going back and forth all day. It breaks my heart to vote either one of them out since Sean is really nice and I want to maintain a friendship with him, but Emma's also like my sister and I don't want to- UGH. All I can say is: at least I'm immune...


Ok, so I think I've decided to boot Emma. She's just too well connected; I don't know if I could eliminate her if I let her get past this round. Emma, when you read this, I'm so so sorry. I love you so much and playing with you has been probably the best experience I've had with a single person in an ORG ever. I hope you can forgive me, because I want to play minecraft with you and skype with you until you get sick of me. I love you Emma <3.


Right now I have little faith in myself right now... I need to like win immunity

Before its to late... I am so determined to win now.. (I am always determined to win but I really wanna win) I am sick of the immunity threats kicking my ass... I could have won so many times but there is always someone who will always beat me in challeges.. I should have never let loyalty get in my way anymore Besides I would just get 4th again if I don't win I am not gonna let these dirty disgusting background characters kick my butt I am honestly getting so worried...


i am praying for a creative challenge

or something there are serious signs that ill get 4th or 5th if i dont do something omfg well like win an immunity challenge. since like... ugh i am sick of the lack of interestingness in this game!!!!! This is such a good season but its not fun when somebody wins all the challenges and i am not in a mood of going into pondorosa and have maxs irrevelent ass and gavin and everybody say that i am stupid and i hate how i suck at challenges. too


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