Day 33Edit

So after Martins vote off, Richie made a desperate attempt to side with me, Joe, and Joan to take out the remaining Three Shika. It's kind of ironic that he wants my help after like a few tribal councils when I needed him and Martin to save me and have to make a big fool of myself at Tribal afterwards he said him and I will not work together. Well looks who talking now and decides to crawl back to me and ask for my help. Do I want to vote with him to take out Will or Wes? Absolutely, if he wins immunity that is otherwise I could careless to vote him out besides he just maybe voting with Shika and take me, Joe and Joan one at a time. Though he's gonna win immunity for that roast, so I might have to go along with the idea of voting with Richie, but right now I need that idol because him and I both know that I maybe in trouble.


So I'm on Redemption with a chance of becoming the 3rd juror. Honestly, it's so much better here than the tribe chat because the people here don't infuriate me. Jack and Tyler are two chill dudes and don't have the delusional self entitlement of Richie so it's all good. My job here while at Redemption is to slander Richie. Let's go!


Im so glad that I can just watch all this shit go down from the sidelines but still be in the game. So apparently Joe hates every body or something, and Joe also finally apologized for flipping. Now I gonna go and try to not lose.


Damn! What a tribal, I gotta say lots to say about. First off, glad Richie played his idol, I talk to him not too long ago and said Richie if you have the idol, Play It! And he did. Second I'm Pissed at Joe, him and I had the opportunity to change the game and get ourselves further in the game and he chickened out. You know me and Richie had our moments, sometimes idc if he were the one to be voted out, but we could have used in our back pockets, but Joe didn't have vibes for him, and I tried to get Richie to vote Will but he vote Joe instead because Joe was bashing him at PM and now he's gone. I wish him well at RI thought, he can be mad at me all he wants but I'll make sure he eats his words once Will goes next, and I'm in the end at FTC.


Once again, I am the reason Jack is out of this game and I take no pleasure in this. However, I'm on step closer to getting back in the game which will be tough since Tyler is a strong competitor. He did promise me his idol if I were to win my way back into the game. So right now, I have to sit and wait for the next person to come to RI.


I have created a pretty solid alliance with Lucas and Austin to take out the obvious picks to winning and like I know that I am going against Richie and betraying him, but honestly I can't win against him. I am just in a position I know about everybody's games and If I spill my guts I will all saint's death.


Day 34Edit

This is probably my last night in the game. It's crazy to think if I hadn't slept from 9pm to 7am I would have had a few extra hours to finish off and improve my score in the challenge. Im positive I could have gotten an extra 6K easily. Damn you sleep! The reason I was so tired yesterday was because the night before I didn't sleep as I stayed up making plans down to the last minute about what to do with my idol and the vote. So it just kinda caught up to me.

With this vote I have no protection while my targets have auction items and probably idols. That's not good odds. Wes will vote me again, maybe even use his double vote. Will might vote me too. so that's 3. If I can get Joan, Lucas and Austin to vote Wes then all I have to worry about is an idol. I may even talk to Lucas about his negate vote power. It's a long shot but it's not like he'll ever need it…


Well I'm fucked, Jack is gone, Will wins immunity and Joan, Lucas and I can't split votes between him and Wes. If any of those two gets the idol it's gonna go to Wes and one of us is screwed. Ugh this can not get any worse.

Right now I need to advise a back up plan but I'm not sure what the plan will be. I can get everyone to vote Richie instead of splitting the votes between Will and Wes since Wills got immunity and Wes might hold the idol not only that but thanks to Joe Wes also has can double vote so it makes it difficult to devise a plan. On the other hand I can pretend that the votes Richie and get rid of him I mean I still be in majority with Lucas and Joan at final five but then what. I say the vote goes to Wes but still not for sure, I'm still trying to make sure that Will and Wes don't get any idols and so that we can take out Wes.


I am so relieved to have won immunity for the first time since the first individual challenge. There can finally be a break in all the talk of “blindsiding Will.” Don’t get me wrong though, I love that all that talk is going on and that people are making public speeches about it. If I make it to FTC, I won’t have to do a single thing. I’ll just point back to all the talk about me and show that the jury themselves have been calling that I should win as early as second merge tribal. Some people might be upset that there is this much public outcry to get them voted off but I believe that any press is good press. It’s all just ammo I can use at the end. Speaking of the end I feel like my chances are very good right now. There have been many chances Wes and especially Lucas could have flipped on me, but they haven’t which is a very good sign. Now we are a pretty big powerhouse and still have the double vote and negator to put to good use. Now my only focus is to win individual immunity so I can pad the stats for my final case.


I usually don’t do these reactionary confessionals because I’m too lazy, but Wes being voted off definitely warrants it. I slacked off this tribal because I was immune. I knew it wouldn’t be my neck on the line so I followed Wes’s lead. He knew he was second on the hit list so I figured he would want to do everything he could to make sure we are on top. I even offered to him things I could do to help but he seemed content with the position we were in. But now that he’s gone and Lucas helped, I’m free to do whatever the hell I want. This is my favorite part of the game, where I have no ties. My game plan has always been stick to the very first people I give my word too. In this case it was Wes and Lucas. Now I don’t have to do anything for them so it’s time to jump around. I still feel like I can beat anyone in the end right now except maybe Richie. He definitely has picked up steam these last two votes. I guess my haiku gave him a kick in the rear . This is why I wanted Joe to still be here because the feud between them would have been more than enough to take all the heat off my alliance but alas it wasn’t in the cards. I only have to get Richie out because honestly it doesn’t matter to me who else is around because they are all runner ups in the FTC in my mind.