Survivor Auction
Survivor Gameplay
Description An opportunity for an individual to bid for luxuries or power in the game
Appearance(s) Survivor: Australia
Survivor: Mongolia
Survivor: Japan
Survivor: Chile
Survivor: Isla Del Sol
Survivor: Skye Islands
Survivor: Siem Reap
The Survivor Auction is a reward challenge where the contestants are given money by Jeff and  bid to buy available items. Considered more of an "event" rather than a challenge, it allows the contestants to relax for a bit, and get a leg up on the game.


The Survivor Auction first originated on the original Survivor, but occurred first during Survivor: Australia for the 703 ORG Network. The contestants are each given an equal sum of money, and are offered to bid on select items, some covered, some uncovered. While most items benefit the buyer, some (i.e. disadvantage at Immunity, fake HII) can be harmful to the buyer. Also, there has been an instance where a covered item was "nothing", not helping nor harming the buyer. Unlike real Survivor, contestants in 703 ORG Network aren't struggling with hunger, thirst, or longing of loved ones, so most items sold involve strategy and power.

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