Day 15Edit

Gosh that challenge was tedious! Took me over an hour. But hopefully it's worth it... At all costs we MUST win, otherwise it could very well be me tonight.


Apparently, according to Szymon, Brian was targeting me before the vote. But Szymon told him to vote for Scott instead... however there were two votes for Scott after the votes were revealed. I know it wasn't ME, and Scott couldn't have voted for himself, so it was either Szymon or Jamie... I'm assuming Jamie! Szymon hasn't given me a reason not to trust him so far. Jamie has been inactive, and the only reason she's still in the game is because she's riding Szymon's coattails. She is my next target for the vote, I've suggested voting her out previously, but Szymon never agreed. THIS time there is no salvation for her, if we lose the challenge (which - knowing our track record, we probably will), she will meet her doom.


So Brian is gone, which sucks. This is the second time where I didn't want the person who was eliminated to be out, and really puts me in my place on this tribe. Szymon, as much as I love him, sucks as an ally. Lukas and Scott both know that I've voted against them, but who cares as long as Szymon has good relations, right? After merging, I don't know if I wanna stick with Nain because although my initial plans were to avenge Sora by sticking with them, long-term I don't see it working out. Right now I can only hope that I will merge though, since I'm pretty sure I'm on the bottom of the tribe.


Day 16Edit

No confessionals were made on this day.

Day 17Edit

YASSS!!!! We won the challenge!!!! WOOOO!!!! Feels so good to have that winning feeling, especially since you've mainly been experiencing nothing but defeat since the beginning. It feels SO good when the shackles are off, SO good!


Since the game started, Scott has been on the fence for EVERYTHING!!! He hasn't put forth a single idea, it's always just "whatever you want". I'm not really a fan of the strategy to be perfectly honest, it seems rather lazy.


Oh no another loss so another tribal. Time to space this up. So the first plan seemed to be easy, just go for the easy vote: NJ. Then NJ got picked by Nain to go to Belle Isle, where she will be safe. Next plan: Target the one not in the alliance mister Ryan.

Till an emercency came around. Ryan knew he was going and he was told that by Nathaniel. I know I started to have less trust in him because of another game, I feel like he would vote me out easier right now so I was watching him already. The thing is that I know Tyler has the idol, but nathaniel didn't. What if Ryan did have the idol? Then he could have screwed us big time. Mainly cuz I seem to be the target.

So we created a safehouse, and spaced it up. The new alliance is the spacecake alliance (omg i'm back at food alliances pacman emoticon ). With Tyler, Jack and Bjorn. We will vote Nathaniel, tell Ryan it's me and tell Nathaniel it's Ryan. I hope this works.

I'm also working on NJ. We need her for the merge to stick with us, so she needs to like me BAAAD. So im gonna socialize the hell out of her and be her best friend. Really hope merge is coming. #jamieimcomingforya


so i havent done too many of these, but we're about to have a crazy tribal, so ima fill the world in

the insurgency consists of me bjorn nathaniel tyler and dennis

originally we were just gonna vote out ryan, but we recently found out that nathaniel has been giving information to ryan.

so now we're gonna vote out nathaniel

but because we dont know who has the idol were gonna have a lot of conflicting stories. Nathaniel thinks the insurgency is gonna vote ryan, and ryan thinks me nathaniel him and bjorn are voting topaz, but in reality me tyler dennis and bjorn are voting nathaniel. This tribal should be freaking awesome


Also the reason this big plan went into action was because NJ was sent to Belle Isle. She could prove to be loyal at the merge, but she's so spacey she might vote one of us out thinking she was helping us.


to further prove my point about NJ, she just asked if she could send herself, even though she's already going. Then she chose Belle, which is the name of the place she's going


OMG Nain tribe had to mess with our plans. It would have been so easy if they didnt send NJ to belle isle. NJ would have been gone and our tribe would have been united and nobody would flip on us. But whatever Nain saved NJ. We are gonna punish Nain by pagonging them lol. So the Obvious other choice is to vote Ryan, the only one who isnt in the Insurgency. We decided that in our allaince chat. But then I found out that Nathaniel is leaking everything to Ryan (Ryan told me that, everybody always tells me everything). So the 4 other insurgency members decided to vote out Nathaniel instead, because Jack thinks Ryan has the idol, and we cant tell Jack that Tyler has it, which sucks.


But the annoying part is that we need to make sure that Ryan and NJ arent gonna flip on us when we merge. Which is gonna be hard, because Ryan is gonna be blindsided by the fact that he isnt going home lol. He is obviously on the bottom but we have to make him think he isnt. Ryan tried to convince Jack and I to flip to his side (with nathaniel who is leaking stuff to him ofcourse). Also Ryan and I made this deal very early in the game to keep eachother save. So the plan is, Jack and I go to Ryan after the vote and be like "We saved you dude, because of us you are here. We just thought you had an idol so we needed you to play it. Now we want to go to the end with you Or something similar to that lol.


NJ is kinda clueless we think, so we just need to be nice to her and make her feel save with us. Apparently she doesnt like voting people out, so blndsiding your whole tribe by flipping isnt something she likes to do haha