Day 19Edit

Yannick, you're a dumbass.


Like seriously, Yannick is the biggest dumbass I've played with on 703. Chris is a huge threat. He knows how to raise hell when he knows he's on the bottom and is not afraid to start drama. This was the perfect chance to get him out, but Yannick just had to blow it. Yeah, Austin had that Toloa alliance, but like literally everyone in the game knows about it. And now I feel like I'm screwed in this tribe. Dani is gonna do whatever Chris says and I bet Chris is already thinking of bringing her to the end if he gets the chance. She reeks with goatentcial. So unless Yannick wants to risk rocks, then I'm gone if we lose next. I can't with these returnees.


kim is a dominatrix strategic queen. Every night she comes talking to me bashing hunter and talking game i love it


You know, in these tough times, we need to treasure what's most precious to us. Money? Absolutely not. Food? Nah. Family? Meh. Idols? Absolutely. What better way to treasure those beautiful objects of safety than to take out the people who can potentially control them one by one?


Sadly we lost the challenge and now we are going to tribal tomorrow on Day 20 which is the halfway point in days. I'm praying I'm not the one going home but it's survivor so anything can happen but I think I should be good.


I don't know why but everytime I think of TSN I feel like he's that dog sticker he always posts irl lol, I have grown really fond of Julian and TSN tbh. And I'm honestly really glad we didn't lose the last challenge since I feel like everyone on my tribe is good with me and would stick with me at the merge, also I'm trying a new tactic to try and take my idol from Julian, but I'm gonna just amp my social game and bond with him so when it's situationally appropriate I can take it. Although I feel like if he's under my wing and my wing alone it is already considered my idol... but the iconic part of me is saying I want two idols in my own position instead of intrusting one in someone else.


Day 20Edit

1. I tried so hard and received nothing

2. They didnt trust me . It hurts 3. It took me 5 hours to finish fucking game and i was in trouble with fault of game 4. Everything that happens today is shit cream above fucking cup cake 5. So sad ...........................................




Wow.. Hunter - He must think he safe then neither take part in last team challenge nor submit score for this challenge and get strike, which almost make us to tribal council again.. ;( I dont wanna waste a idol before merge.. Got to know from Chris that all idols been found and we have Yannick w Chris-Danniel overthere. Here in Atafu, I hv better conversation w Scott. So for me, not bad to join this alliance once merge: 3 Lunata (Yannick - Sora - Scott) & 3 Atafu (Chris - Dannielle - Me). Let's see.. In another hand, It's so ashamed if TSN cheated since he's other Vietnamese in this game. I do hope that's just a mistake occurs. I keep talking w him to find more info I need, but I really dont think I like to go w any Toloa. I dont get trust and good feeling there.. TSN thinks he had 3 close allys there and I got from him that Julian got Toloa's idol.. OK.. Merge is coming.. It will be more fun.!!!


So now that we are going to tribal and there are only 5 of us, it makes this vote very critical. There's TSN, Julian, Isaac, Sora, and myself. TSN and Julian are very close like a pair, and Sora and I are the only Lunatas and we are pretty close as well so it seems like Isaac would be the swing vote, except TSN and Julian really trust me so instead of my target being one of them I think it would be less damage to get rid of Isaac. Even though I like Isaac and I feel like I might be able to work with him at merge, I bonded with him the least out of everyone and I know me voting for him is gonna feel like a huge back stab. Hopefully though my stab is fatal and he goes out without a peep.


And Toloa will be heading tribal council once again... unsure emoticon I am like .. Ok,let's vote get rid of Isaac, he's not trustworthy, he won't count as number for us if we go to merge.Tommy just has been saying that he would be down for voting him out, but this the thing.. I've seen Tommy as big threath and may be like laying low lately this tribal and seems smart. As Sora said before, he could've got Lunata's Idol and use it on Isaac and ex: I may end up going. I was thinking about giving him 2 votes just in case. 2-2-1. but it's too risky.But he's still a threath and I don't he does trust me enough for like working with us at merge. I might be overthinking but sometimes that's needed.


me when i make top 12 some how


So it's getting to that point in the game where we're all hoping for a merge. At least I am. And when I think of the people I'd want to align with at a merge, I think to myself "I don't trust any of these fuckers!" Let's see, from my original tribe there's Scott who's nonexistent, Sora who's sketchy af, and Yannick who can go piss off. Tommy would be the person I trust most from that group, but idk. I feel like he has other connections and I'm just another one of his side hoes. I don't trust anyone on NuLunata for obvious reasons. And while I've had this cross tribal thing going on with Isaac for a while, I don't know if I should be taking his word to heart.