Day 7 Edit

We won again!! We’d been behind in the challenge all day, but we somehow managed to catch up, then beat the other tribe. It’s amazing! So now Pailin goes to tribal once more. That’s great, because then I don’t have to vote for anyone yet!

They voted Christian out, which was to be expected. The one vote on Dima surprised me though, but it just shows that they’re not getting along nearly as well as we are here on Kumbaya Kandal!


So, I got a vote at the last tribal and it was probably by that little doucenozzle Christian for not giving him the time of day to save his useless ass so I mean while it is one vote, there goes my perfect streak if I were to win this unsure emoticon


So Dima is having a cry cryfest right now

Wah Wah who voted for me Wah Wah Like bro, calm the fuck down, you whining to people who can vote you out is freaking grating Says the guy who whines about always losing challenges. Pot meet kettle.


Wiw U can't belive the mess my vote did in dima's mind.. he think Jake voted him

I'm destructing my own tribe lol


Damn tribe swap unsure emoticon



I don't have to deal with Steph or Dima anymore and I'm with my closest allies in the game and I can pull in Hannah, this is the greatest day of the game ofr me I could not have it any other way Like I want to feel bad for Steph and Dima, but Steph was having a bitch fit over me asking if he was here and Dima basically came demanding me to tell him that Jake voted for them that it kinda will bring a smile to my face when I see their torches smuffed. Good luck fellas, you're gonna need it!


Ugh, this tribe swap. It's not totally bad on the surface, I have four previous tribe members, two of them being Amber and Jonas who are my friends and allies. But Marco and Nathan... They come off to be as the type to flip on us just for the sake of flipping and being badass. I want to try talk to them though, but I don't know. They might listen, but maybe not. I also lost my best ally, Julian. I really hope we can both survive to the merge because it would suck to not be able to play with him. I just don't want to go home. I've been sitting back like a passive little turtle because we haven't lost anything. If we do lose... Gotta step things up to try survive.


so we had a tribal swap and I'm not in the majority. However I'm not nervous because now it means I can play strategically now. My plans for now are to expose the cracks within the Pailin alliance they most likely have. Andy messaged me fairly quickly so he may be willing to flip eventually, I just need to move closer to him. Alex seems cool so far and he told me Dima & Stephane were the paranoid ones on their tribe. I haven't spoken to Jake or John as of yet but we only need one of them to flip In order to break them apart. And if they don't flip, I need them to be good with me, so they don't take me out. I like Nick & Hannah but as long as it's not me


Tribe swap! Since Kandal never went to tribal, no one knows where they stood, so I can’t really say if I would’ve been in a good or a bad position on my tribe if we hadn’t switched. Still, I got really lucky to stick with four of my original Kandal peeps on the new Pailin. I’m not happy Hannah’s in the minority on the new Kandal, she was probably the person I liked most out here. And, of course, I’m back with my old friend Dima. We were recently on Koror’s ORG TL;DR he’s the first boot – it hadn’t even been my fault honestly, everyone else was already voting him because they heard he was mean and a cheater. He was kind of bitter about it, but then he turned around and now he’s asking me to keep him safe. Like, yeah, no way I’m turning on #KumbayaKandal, and certainly not for Dima of all people. Majority rules. If it comes down to it, I’m willing to throw a challenge to keep Hanna, Julian and Nick safe, and then split the votes 3-2 between Dima and Stephane to avoid an idol (if it exists; still a little unsure about the whole Temple thing)


Day 8 Edit

I'm okay about the Kandal alliance but it kinda looks like they wanna throw this challenge so Hannah, Nathan and Julian will be safe. If that's true and we will lose thanks to that I'm done with this original Kandal alliance. We're here to play for ourselves. I'm getting annoyed by their 'i miss them, we need to stick together'. I like them and they're amazing people but I'm not screwing my game by throwing this challenge and taking the risk to be voted out. Also this challenge is tetris. If I'm good in a game it's tetris so no way I'm going to throw this lol. From now I call myself Chaos Amber.


New tribes! I’m on the new Pailin, which consists of five former Kandal members and two former Pailin members. Us former Kandals have decided to stick together, which leaves Dima and Steph on the outs of this tribe. Usually, I would probably try and play with all members of the tribe, but the members of old Kandal are just amazing! I’ve talked to Steph though, and he’s someone I’d like to play with too. I’m hoping that we wont go to tribal council, because I will most likely have to vote him out if we do. I doubt I can talk the others into voting out an old Kandal, and even if so we’d be outnumbered in the merge, considering Steph sticks with his old tribe. This is tough, but I guess we’ll see what happens!


well as kissing everyone's asses to make sure I have more connection with people than dima

but in the meantime, amber seemed to be one the out.. I can deal with that ! I will do whatever I can to make her a asset


People are trying to find cracks and make side alliances with my people. NO! You gotta go. LOOKING AT YOU NICK!


I feel even OLDER on this new tribe


Well the swap's done me as many favours as it has done harm. I mean I'm in what I hope is a solid 4, with Jake, Alex and Andy and that the old Kandal aren't saying a word to me as of yet so hopefully here's to a change in fortune then.


I'm freaking out right now because of this tribe swap. Right now, I'm not particularly worried about my position. I'm with 4 of my Kumbaya Kandals and we're good to take out Dima and Stephane. Thank god for having two people on the bottom because me and my challenge performances aren't exactly knocking it out of the park right now.

My main concern, however, is certainly with the Kandals who didn't swap over to Pailin. Not only are they in the minority, but the first two people I actually had something solid with, Julian and Nick, are trapped there. And I'm in am iffy position where Marco, Kaffe, Amber and Charley decided that we shouldn't throw a challenge at all even though, by doing so, we keep our numbers up. So I'm just secretly praying we can lose so that my boys are safe and we can continue to be KandalStrong and whittle down Pailin's numbers some more. That's it for now I believe.

Today's confessional soundtrack is:
Demi Lovato - Kingdom Come (Audio Only) ft04:06

Demi Lovato - Kingdom Come (Audio Only) ft. Iggy Azalea


Random thirst moment: I looked through Andy's pictures and he's fine as hell


Day 9 Edit

Kinda wish we lost tbh

We could've voted one of them out and let the other tribe just fester that Dima wound That would've been awesome But I see an opportunity forming to potentially work with these 3 and get us to be a solid 7 at the merge, though it is a bit tricky to get them to trust us


Ah, I see Dima is attempting to cheat again, just like last time. First tribal of the season for me, we have five original Kandal in the majority with two original Pailin. I’m quite sure you can’t find the idol in just one trip to the Temple so maybe we should all just vote Dima unanimously instead of splitting the votes between him and Stephane. The sooner he goes, the better off our tribe will be.


I just screwed up unsure emoticon

I talked to nathan about amber wanting him out.. but he don't really trust me now if he want, he can go back to her and vote me..


Some people can never appreciate a good thing and by some people I mean Amber. So I figure, ok, Dima goes home at this tribal council and if we manage to go again then we get rid of Stephane. KandalStrong, right? Nope, not according to Queen Amber. According to Stephane, and a screenshot he sent me, she wants me out.
12369056 1488294764811308 3924675003840749401 n

Pretty damning pic right? I have no idea what she's trying to accomplish with this. I knew Amber was coming after me on original Kandal. But this is different. When you have two people in the minority, you don't destroy the game by trying to take someone who is not a threat to you but actually wants to work with you. It's clear Amber isn't thinking straight and is on a collision course with my game. I'm just gonna make sure that she gets what's coming to her in the end. That is if she didn't already flip it on me. Cause at this point, she's dead to me if she hasn't.

Well I think an angry song will fit better soooo:
Elle Varner - F**k It All03:25

Elle Varner - F**k It All


lol @ Amber asking me for my Temple paths. I'm not telling you anything. Also this is great that we are doing the paths separate so I can get the idol before everyone else. I think it's time to start playing this game a tad bit harder BUT I want to develop stronger relationships first.


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