Tribe Profile
Season Resurgence
Namesake A Chinese dynasty
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Qin
Tribe Status Merged with Qin Day 27
Challenge Wins 7
Lowest Placing Member Spuertvliovvoerr (15/21)
Highest Placing Member Thatsmyidol (Sole Survivor)



Shang insignia



Shang is one of the two starting tribes on Survivor: Resurgence. Their color is gold.



  • » Fakeboy823, also known as "Jaylen, 17th place from Survivor: Japan. His tribe, Shika, was on a winning streak but when they finally lost, past ORG history got in the way of him progressing and he was voted out over an inactive. At RI, he had computer issues which caused his elimination.
  • » GoldAce153, also known as "Gavin", 19th place from Survivor: Chile. He deliberately got a low score in the first challenge and it sealed his fate as he was the first one voted out of his tribe.
  • » Inked95, also known as "Sean", 13th place from Survivor: Japan. He was first voted out in Japan but dominated RI until the duel before merge & he came in second and got eliminated.
  • » JdBass, also known as "Jordan", 16th place from Survivor: Chile. A power struggle occurred between two of his tribe mates and he ended up as the target and that ended his time in Chile.
  • » Norbert Nicolas, also known as "Norbert", 16th place from Survivor: Africa. He played under the radar but entered the swap with low numbers. A double elimination spelled his demise when he was blindsided on Day 15.
  • » SonOfMyRightHand, also known as "Ian", 16th place from Survivor: Wales. A solid player, but voted out prematurely when his tribe went on a losing streak.
  • » Spuertvliovvoerr, also known as "Reid", 14th place from Survivor: Wales. He was in a strong position by forming a strong cross tribal alliance, due to the Day Zero twist however he got med evac'ed because of a personal issue.
  • » TDBus, also known as "Tom", 17th place from Survivor: Mongolia. A strong physical competitor in challenges but aggressive around camp. His aggressiveness rubbed his tribe mates the wrong way & he was the second person voted out of Mongolia.
  • » thatsmyidol, also known as "Perry", 18th place From Survivor: Africa. He was on a strong tribe, but during the first tribe switch, his allies flipped on him & as a result he was the only person from his original tribe not to make merge.
  • » XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX, also known as "Emma", 4th place from Survivor: Italy. She had a strong tribe in the pre-merge, but time zone issues caused her to be out of the loop. She tried to make a power move at F6, but failed and eventually paid the price & was voted out.

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