Day 14Edit

David basically got himself eliminated. Puts me one spot higher so I can't complain. Still, my tribe hasn't visited Tribal in while and I want to go to vote out Evie since she's inactive as all hell


Day 15Edit

Evie is participating in the challenge so this will most likely seal her fate. Would I miss her? She's said 3 things on the tribe chat and 0 to me personally


Did we just win? Even when I didn't participate the challenge we not only manage to win, but came in First? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. This Can Not Be Real, I'm just fan-girly right now like reading a gay love story when the couple admit their love for each other, that's the kind of feeling I'm in right now. Now I can finally rest peacefully for the night without haven't to worry about the voting or whatever. This game could not get any better than this!!


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