Day 30Edit

no shitty shit .. i'm at my mom's clinic


I just made a grave tactial error


Awesome, so Max left unanimously. We're really getting down to the wire here, only 5-6 tribals left! It's good to see that I still have some control over these people. Time to update my imaginary friends (yay) on what's been going on.

So over the past few days, Max has been campaigning against me. Emma told me about it, which set off my witch hunt for his soul. I happened to message Ian first, and then we got into a whole debacle where Ian was being stupid and refusing to vote, and generally acting shading. So I gave up on him, and went to Sean, Norbert, Gavin and Jordan. Jordan was super helpful, he told me about the "Blades of Rage" alliance chat that they made with all of the Shang 3.0 people, which provided for great receipt material. I then used my collection of receipts and my winsome personality *winks at camera* to ensure that we got 4-5 votes on Max. Then Ian was convinced, since there was a majority, and Bryce was convinced after it seemed that his vote really didn't matter at that point. Also, I began speaking to Bryce, and he told me about how Gavin has been acting sketchy. Gavin also has apparently insisted that Bryce and he should talk more to Sean and Norbert (probably because he wants to make a move against me). He also explicitly said that "Perry is tight with [everyone]", suggesting that he thinks of me as some sort of social threat. While he's right, it doesn't mean he gets to stay. Emma's already been meaning to vote him out for a while, and I already gave Sean and Jordan a bunch of receipts on him, so there's less work to do there than there was for Max. Plus Bryce told me about it, so I have a feeling he'll be interested in working with me. All that said, I'm still going to try super hard for immunity, because I have a suspicion it will keep me safer longer than expected. I suppose we'll see how it turns out.


Cool birthday idea: how about everyone actually submits for the challenge so we actually have the votes to do something, k?


What a birthday gift! I'm safe until the final 7, and I'm safe for the first move of the merge. Gavin is going home tonight; he's just scheming too much and he said that I'm "connected to everybody" which does not lead me to believe he intends on sticking with me. He's also acting sketchy as hell towards Emma.

He's nice, but he can go. Bye Becky!


Emma is gonna try to make a move.. then again perry is gonna take credit for it squint emoticon i am gonna do something that i wanted to do forawhile!!!

I am gonna throw Gavin under the bus so hard.. idfc if he targets me or ian he is gonna regret like targetting me and even signing up.. i want to show people i am here to play.. i dont want to go out before i make moves... i want to be the shit stirrer here! i mean lets be real its easy for me to see who is lying!! Gavin. I know you dont trust me!!! if you try to get me out aha nice try try again another season if not then i still dont trust you anyways so hopefully you go!!


Day 31Edit

Okay, so, I keep bouncing back and forth between making a move against Perry this round. If I do that, I am most likely forcing a tie, and if I don't win that tie (aka get out of it with majority)... I'm done

I do not want to make a move on Perry, but he has relationships with everyone I'm trying to get the target off Bryce, and save Norbert in the process I need some numbers to help me later down the line


Forgot about how Emma and Norbert play the game, and acted as if I was talking to Perry

No, not literally, but like on the same conversation level Like, Perry and I talk intense strategy Norbert is unaware of half what is going on, and Emma is a player who is more likely to have an emotional decision impact her choices. I talked with them as if I was talking with Perry, no sugarcoating nothing. That may come back to bite me, as what I have asked them to do may get to Perry. From there, everyone shall listen to their BFF Perry, and take me out Trying to get Perry's name floating around without doing it directly myself Norbert is misunderstanding what I need him to do, and Emma is being too inquisitive -_- Geez, I want to protect you both long-term, and Perry shall flip on us to protect his own game.


Ok so the challenge is going fairly well. I only need a few more.

In other news, Gavin came to me and basically proposed that we vote Ian out next. This is perfect, because it's perfect screenshot material to sway Ian to vote with us again, since he tends to need that sort of thing. Bryce also came to me last night and sorta talked shit on Gavin, throwing him under the bus. While he isn't necessarily loyal to me (Bryce) it does mean he isn't loyal to Gavin, and would therefore be willing to vote for him if it meant saving his ass. So it looks like the votes are lined up for Gavin to leave next. I also would like to keep Bryce around until about final 6, because I can always use him to make a vote easy if I don't win immunity. I feel safer now that Max is gone, and I think his elimination made it clear that those who oppose me will be set packing. On with the games!


Seriously, where the fuck did all my allies go? It's like only 11 PM and they've all mysteriously disappeared. I would say they're blindsiding me, but they can't even vote for me <_< the fuck?


Don't act so condescending in PMs Perry... :/