Day 13 Edit

That went well, but I'm treading lightly since I know that literally anything can happen since I know that we had this swap really early. My gut is telling me that there's gonna be one more swap before the merge and I'm petrified

Also, what a crappy way for Nick to go I saw someone quit the game in a different ORG I played because of a blow up like that and it's never fun to be at the receiving end of all those insults and you know, it was a game move, but I wish he hadn't gone out like that


Okay this is an okay spot, I at least have some power to make a tribe where I can control what happens

I can get my core people and get some og Kendals out if I can but I need to plan this right


this swap came at the perfect time! I'm ready to stop being nice Julian and play this game. I lost an ally and i don't play on losing anymore anytime soon. I'm ready for my strategic side to come out smile emoticon


right now, the game is kinda good for me

with the tribe swap I can go back to my old tribe but I don't want to go to them, I think I can pull Nathan & Marco in my side soo I need to have them on my tribe


We're agreeing that a 3rd tribe swap and having received 6 votes so far, I understand that I'll get 10+ by the end of the season definitely because of how I play, Votes aren't my danger here, it's definitely social gameplay because I've isolated Kandal outright Being a 7-5 game it's absolutely anyone's game that much is for damn certain, So lets Have at it


Really hoping Kaffe picks Marco or Nathan

That would mean we can tie the numbers up and we can go to the merge with even numbers and we duke it out with rocks This swap is gonna dictate the rest of the game, I can feel it in my bones Also, I feel so bad for Steph being in that solo spot again, but I mean I can't help but laugh at how fucked up his situation is, though he will have a semi-compelling story should we left him go far


Second tribe swap…the twists just keep on coming. It still seems like OG Kandal vs OG Pailin. With Nick gone, he becomes the first casualty of Kumbaya Kandal. It sucks. He did tell me this was his first ORG so I’m sorry to see he didn’t last longer. Looking at the people on OG Pailin, I have to say I’m not particularly fond of many of them. John doesn’t seem to have a very strong social game. He gets into fights over the most pointless, most trivial things, it’s like he wants to pick a fight with people.


New tribes via schoolyard pick! Both Charley and Amber previously said that the three of us had to stick together, but neither of them picked me, causing me to get on a tribe full of former Pailins. It might have been done on purpose, as Charley did act pretty evasive when I was talking to her earlier. Well, then, if I manage to make it into the merge, it should be very interesting. This schoolyard pick has really changed everything for me. I hope I can count on Steph, but I’m afraid I’m the one who’ll be voted out if we lose a challenge. So yeah, that sucks. I’m gonna try though, but it does look like my luck has run out.


I may have made a big mistake picking Julian over Jonas. You see, Jonas wanted me to pick him like really badly, but Julian is my #1 ally, so I had to pick him. But now Amber I think is pissed off at me. My hope is to get Hannah on my side, so if Amber is pissed enough to get the vote turned against me or Julian, we'll have someone in our corner.


Day 14 Edit

So I got picked last in the schoolyard pick, or, technically, I wasn’t picked at all. It sucks. And it also tells me I may be on the bottom of my alliance. Given that now I will be on a tribe with all OG Kandal, if we go to tribal, we would have to turn on each other. And I no longer have the confidence that I may have had that I would escape that unscathed. It should only be one or two more tribals away from making the jury, that’s my main goal. It would suck to get cut loose now. When we were on Pailin, Stephane must’ve known he was on the chopping block and apparently he was telling Nathan that Nathan and I were on the bottom of our alliance. At first I thought it was just Stephane planting some seeds of doubt in Nathan’s head but given that Nathan and I were the last two picked, I’m starting to think maybe he was right. Stephane has come out and shown me he’s playing really hard. I spoke to him about the possibility of me and Nathan being on the bottom and he showed me he was very strategic. I’m warming up to him, and I proposed that maybe he and Jake could throw the challenge for Pailin 3.0 to get rid of Kaffe. I mean, Kaffe is the only OG Kandal on the new new Pailin, and he has, undoubtedly, a great social game. If Kandal 3.0 goes to tribal, I don’t fancy me and Nathan’s chances of survival, so I’m willing to throw Kaffe under the bus to save myself. If I make the merge, Stephane and Jake are both offering Final Two Deals to align with me (which is a lot more than can be said of anyone on Kandal), and right now that does sound promising.


Sometimes watching Steph be Steph has me like
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Like bro, we get it, you wanna see why Kaffe didn't get picked but like really blunt It's like somedays, he has a legit story, he was about to get picked off by the opposing team and is a threat that way and others, he's someone I wanna keep around just as a goat Like Steph is such an enigma that I have no idea what to do with him, luckily he's loyal. Hopefully to a fault


Day 15 Edit

Yay another win, that's nice and strangely enough this tribe swap gives me all the power in this game I solidly need to win from here on out, Wether its physicially or mentally I'm going to control a lot more of these votes than they could imagine, push comes to shove axes and spades make the worst outcome for them come true as their being voted out without realising it's me who's in control.


Yeah, now this game is really amping up. With the Kandals having to turn on each other, the game is getting interesting. Amber is targeting Julian, who I don't want to leave because he is someone that I trust, and I honestly think she may be targeting him to keep Jonas safe on the other side. They are close. So she's proposing this plan, me her Marco and Hannah, all vote for Julian. So, I'm going to turn the vote on Amber. I like her, but she has to go. She's targeting my alliance, and she's just general the shadiest person in the game right now, at least in my opinion. This is the big move I need to make right now, change up the game a bit. We're merging soon most likely, and if we go in with Amber she might flip. So she needs to go. But then again... Pretty soon I'm going to have to start looking at Julian as less of an ally, and more of a threat. Amber's right on one thing, he's dangerous as hell. But turning on him now is a bad idea.


so Amber is targeting me. I mean never mind I had the highest score in this tribe for the challenge & she didn't submit anything because her breakup was so hard to bare *sarcastic voice* Maybe had you submitted Amber, we wouldn't be in this situation so now she can go definitely. I have half of the tribe (me, Charley & Nathan) on our side & hopefully we can sway Marco or Hannah as well. I don't know for sure but I guess I'll find out


I feel like every time people play survivor, they always think like "Oh, the merge is when the big moves are made!" but honestly, the votes right before the merge are the golden votes.These votes are when people really start to show their stripes. Some people play for themselves, they really go for the jugular and fight hard to play.Others, they're different. Pack mentality, they will do what is best for their people, protect their own. Amber and I got into our issue of, she wanted to vote out Julian so then I targeted her and blah blah, you know the logistics. The point is, she caught me going against her, and she called me out. I respect Amber, I think she's been playing well, but the thing is... I'm fighting for myself. This past round, I fucked over Jonas. I could pretend to be badass and say that was intentional, but it wasn't, I just wanted to save Julian. But now? I'm screwing over Amber. Because I'm looking out for my people, and myself. This is when the claws will come out and the game gets a whole lot more fun. Maybe I'll go home tonight at tribal, I very well might. Amber and Hannah are targeting me. But I have no intentions of going home, I want to stay and fight another day. It's just a game, and I've been having fun. But now I've been exposed as kind of a bitch. This'll make things harder for me, but it's a hell of a lot more fun too.


Before I went to sleep in the ‘shelter’ last night, I went up to Amber and asked her who she wanted to get rid of, and she suggested Julian because he’s been to the Temple twice. And I was perfectly fine with that, since Julian and I never really connected. Then I wake up and find that everything seems to have changed drastically overnight. All of a sudden, Amber’s gunning for Charley and Charley’s gunning for Amber. Apparently, Charley threw Amber’s name out to Hanna and Hanna ratted her out to Amber. And somehow, Julian also caught wind of Amber throwing HIS name around. So now, Amber and Hanna are voting Charley and Charley and Julian are voting Amber, which leaves me and Nathan in the middle. I don’t know how the hell things changed so quickly but this is great for me. I was worried I might be on the bottom but apparently that’s not the case anymore. Being a swing vote isn’t that much better either but I’d rather be a swing vote than be on the chopping block. So, tonight, it is going to be between Charley and Amber – one of those two girls are going home. It sucks because I genuinely like the both of them. It seems like Nathan’s leaning towards siding with Charley, but I’m more inclined to help Amber, since we’re in two ORGs together, and so am I with Hanna. But that would just force a revote, and I do not want to risk drawing rocks. Both pairs of people are swearing their loyalty to me, so this isn’t easy. This hot mess could all have been avoided if Kaffe hadn’t chosen Stephane, or if Stephane and Jake had just thrown the challenge like I’d asked.


Kumbaya Kandal is dead. It got laid to rest last night. So where do I start with this? Ok tribe swap. Everyone loves a tribe swap, right? Well I would if Nick was still here but he got swapfucked but anyways… So yeah we had a second tribe swap which was a schoolyard pick. I honestly love these kinds of swaps because it reveals exactly who people's loyalty belongs to. So I got put back on my old stomping grounds at Kandal with Charley (Bae), Julian (Double Bae), Marco (cool), Hannah (sweet I guess) and Amber (...).

So immediately, Marco tells me he feels were on the bottom. Now I know I'm not at the bottom because Julian and Charley pulled me in like right away but I wanted to form a bond with Marco so I just went along with it. So we ended up losing the challenge. The worst part is it was actually a close margin, which could've been closed if Amber submitted. So that's always a bummer. So we're back at camp, wondering who's gonna be the next member of Kandal to fall. Immediately my mind settles on my good pal Amber. She's a potential threat at merge, has Kaffe and Hannah in her back pocket and she has a history of throwing me under the bus. Now I thought it would be easy to just vote out Amber 4-2 (the 4 being me, Charley, Julian and Marco). It's Survivor, though, so things are never that simple. So now Amber blows up at Charley for bringing her name up. Things got worse because now Marcos being wishy washy even though I thought he would be smart enough to just vote out Amber. I just want it to be simple and now Kandal is in flames and a tribe divided. Let's just say that as of tomorrow this isn't gonna be the love tribe anymore.

In honor of Kandal going down in flames:
Ellie Goulding - Burn03:59

Ellie Goulding - Burn


I'm so dissapointed in Charley. I thought we were allies. Instead of talking with me about the vote she targeted me and she's telling lies that I have final 2 deals with everyone. It really pisses me off. So now I'm trying to target her. I already have Hannah and Marco behind me but if I can get Nathan...?


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