"My Current Dilemma"
Season Survivor: San Marcos
Episode Number 8/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Sold Their Soul To The Tri-Headed Devil
Next The Purple Blood Summit

My Current Dilemma is the eighth episode of Survivor: San Marcos.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Graphic Marathon. You will be working in three pairs of two to create three things. A Tribe flag, a S.O.S. signal, and a season torch. Once everything is submitted, your submissions will be given to three random judges to score. Please note: Once you get into a pair, you CANNOT change pairs.

Winners: Catarina.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 9: TacanaEdit

Tribal Council 9:
Malik (5 votes)
Brandon, Austin, Nick,
Rhiannon & Sim
Rhiannon (2 votes)
Malik & Claudia

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

i usually have iconic parchments but this is basic af rip


It sucks because this isnt what I wouldve wanted. You were a fun member of our tribe, you got on some of our nerves during the trivia challenge, but you really are a nice guy! Adios homie.


<3 Sorry!


Sorry Malik, I looked at all the other options and At the end of the day I trust Sim ten times more and if I vote Sim Nathaniel won't trust me at merge, so I'm sorry but I feel like this is best for me.


Final WordsEdit

Well. It's happened again, fucked over before the merge due to circumstances out of my control after basically running the first portion of the game... Oh well, at least I actually played the game, and my tour of ORG duty is now over 󰀀




External linksEdit

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