Medical Evacuation
Survivor Gameplay
Description A medical emergency forces a contestant to be removed from the game without being voted out of the game
Appearance(s) Survivor: Wales

Medical Evacuations (referred to as Medevacs most times) are rare instances where a medical emergency forces a contestant to be removed from the game without being voted out. For a medical evacuation to occur, the medical staff will be called in to assess the contestant's condition and whether or not they are fit to continue in the game.


The first medical evacuation occurred in Survivor: Wales. Dawn passed out in the woods at Ddriag camp, severely dehydrated. Medical was called in to evaluate, and after a negative reaction to an IV, she was pulled from the game. The second evacuation also occurred in Survivor: Wales, when Reid was experiencing intense abdominal pain, to the point where he was unable to move, and was not able to keep any food or water down. He was determined physically unable to continue in the game and was rushed to a local hospital.



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