"Male Escort Teas"
Season Survivor: Skye Islands
Episode Number 12/17
Episode Chronology
Previous I Am Not Coming In Second
Next When Pigs Fly

Male Escort Teas is the 12th episode of Survivor: Skye Islands.


Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction.

Immunity Challenge: Endurance Challenge.

Winners: Perry.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 13: BhaltosEdit

Tribal Council 13:
Zane (7 votes)
Domonique, Evan, Joe, Szymon,
Tyler x2 & Alex
Tyler (4 votes)
Nuno, Sarah
& Sam x2
Alex (1 vote)
Evan (1 vote)

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Sorry Zane but we gotta get rid of Perry's power


It's either you or me tonight. Kings never die.


Sorry dude, but you're loyal to Perry and if any of us want a chance at winning, we need to weaken him which sadly starts with you


I know you're targeting me, and you probably have an idol. There can only be one of us.


Sorry, i think that you are a nice person from what it seems, but we never talked and i have no idea where your head stands at


Zane: You started talking to me waay too late in the game. You're a cool guy probably but It's gonna be you or me and I really don't want to end my game yet


To split the vote and stick to the plan.


Final WordsEdit

Wow, I was rather hasty in my blow up before I left. I thought my alliance had turned on me. Turns out Evan, Alex, Joe, Dom, and Tyler just outplayed us. Kudos to them. The way I played this game is probably proof that I've completely lost my touch and this will be my last ORG. But it's been an absolute blast and I can't tell y'all how awesome it's been being a part of this community. I do really well talking face-to-face, but online, things get lost in translation. I'm trying to get a degree and I didn't have time to forge a strong bond with every single person on my tribe, and clearly that was my downfall. So long, and thanks for all the memories.


External linksEdit

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