Tribe Profile
Season Tokelau
Namesake scientific term for
the Grey-backed tern
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Atafu
Tribe Status Merged with
Atafu & Toloa Day 21
Challenge Wins 6
Lowest Placing Member RogertheDumpling (21/21)
Highest Placing Member TLazyS (Sole Survivor)

Lunata is one of the three starting tribes on Survivor: Tokelau. Their color is light gold. This tribe consists of people who have potential to deliver in their first seasons and are now getting a second chance.


  • »Blaine7275, also known as "Blaine", from Survivor: Isla Del Sol. Blaine started off on the Cobo tribe. By playing one of the strongest social games of the season, he was a strong contender to make it to the end and win before being idoled out by Tom at final 5.
  • »Dgluc1, also known as "Danny", from Survivor: Mongolia. Danny was originally on the Bayartai tribe. He avoided tribal council the majority of the premerge. At the merge, his alliance began to get picked off, forcing him to strategically maneuver himself into a better position, which got him to final 5. However, when he was seen as too big of a threat to go further, he was idoled out by Jace in 5th place.
  • »RogertheDumpling, also known as "Nick", from Survivor: Siem Reap. Nick began on the Kandal tribe & found himself in a good position. The first tribe swap put him on Kandal 2.0, against 4 OG Pailin members. When Kandal 2.0 lost, Nick was voted out in 13th place in a 4-3 vote.
  • »ScootMaxwell, also known as "Scott", from Survivor: Canada. Scott started out on the Nain tribe. His tribe went on a losing streak during the premerge & his tribe entered the merge 6-4. Scott's strong social game took him to final 4, but his game was ended when he lost in a tiebreaker challenge.
  • »TLazyS, also known as "Sora", from Survivor: Canada. Sora started out on the Okak tribe, which dominated the first three challenges. However, Sora struggled to find a strong foothold within the Okak tribe. Okak lost the fourth immunity challenge & Sora quickly found himself to be the target, along with NJ. In the end, Sora was voted in 13th place.
  • »KuT, also known as "Tommy", from Survivor: Australia. Tommy began on the all male tribe, Bimberi, where they dominated before the tribe swap. Tension began to build between Tommy and some of his former tribe members. At the merge, Tommy gathered the people at the bottom & managed to get to the end next to his closest ally, Marco. In the end, his lack of jury management cost him the win, in a 5-2 vote.
  • »Ymatia, also known as "Yannick", from Survivor: Minoan Empire. Yannick spent the majority of his time in the game in the minority alliance. But he managed to go deep through his strategic game and challenge wins until we was finally taken out at final 6.

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