Day 22 Edit

Made the merge, it took forever to happen, but it's finally here and I've got myself and my 4 guys with me and right now we're in a great spot

let's hope Kaffe is still with us though if not, then we're royally fucked my goal right now is to make him feel like he's in a tight 3 with me and Jake to keep him here And just like that he is on board


We've merged!! Honestly, I wanted to stay in tribes longer! Least fave person in the merged tribe: Hannah....what a wet blanket...i know she's only 16 or something so i shouldnt be harsh but like is there anything going on there? First time we talked (back on Kandal 2.0) Me: hey whats up" Her: "nm just texting with a boy that i think is cute" c'mon that's what you lead with and then u have nothing else to say? I guess I literally have nothing in common with a 16 yr old girl so this lack on connection shouldnt surprise me. Anyway, I'd be happy with her going first, so that people dont try to drag her to the end

Also her responses at tribal are fucking terrible also, I havent yet talked to Charley so she could be worse than Hannah but we will see


IM SO EXCITED I MADE MERGE but honestly who can I trust. XD hopefully Julian but I think he might become a target soon


Like, this is finally my time to play the game hard and to make big moves, and right now my biggest move can potentially be to get Kaffe on our side, if we can do that, someone from Pailin will win the game but more importantly, if the Pailin 5 make it to Final 5, I'm covered on all bases since now I made a deal with Kaffe, this is the part of the magic show where things get wild and I hope I know how the tricks are done

Before that my biggest move was pulling the trigger on the John blindside but I can't imagine that one move in the pre-merge can win me the game, I need to build this resume and hopefully not have people turn on me and slit my throat This merge has me thinking a lot


Also just found out Alex and Jake made a final 3 with Kaffe...amateurs again! I like those boys but they have made themselves such an obvious pair and aren't really thinking through their moves. Now I know that I need to make a move before they do.

Stephane if kaffe vote with pailin im going to win this season hand down


Day 23 Edit

Stephane is either the least stealthy secret agent ever. Or he just like asks like really specific questions like he's wearing a police wire because that's who he is. Either way, I find it weird. I feel okay going into this vote. I don't think I'm the biggest Kandal target. But I don't feel okay in this game, if that makes sense. My best ally, Julian, I no longer feel like I'm his best ally. He's close to Nathan, they're quite close. So, at that point I have two options. Take out Julian and explain he's a challenge threat, or take out Nathan. I don't plan on doing anything this round, but it's an idea in my head. I've been the third wheel in alliances before, and been taken out at the knees at random. I'm not going to do that again. Jonas says he's Kandal strong, but I don't think he trusts me at all after the round I screwed him in the tribe swap and then got rid of Amber. I wouldn't trust me either. I feel like there are all these loyal people... But none of them loyal to me, and I could get cut any second. But whatever. I don't mind upsetting the apple cart just to cause some problems for the alliances. Chaos is how outsiders survive, when alliances start to cannibalize each other, the outsiders go under the radar. That might be what I need. Or, maybe I'm just too paranoid and I'm sitting pretty. Either way... I'm in this to win. And I'm gunna fight for that.


Day 24 Edit

first off I won immunity! smile emoticon second off, Kaffe is talking to me like he wants to flip and saying down for whatever & that sounds like a lie to me. I'm pretty sure he's feeling abandoned by the Kandals which is why I don't think he would flip back to us at all, even though Pailin is clearly just using him as a number at this point. The thing is we still need someone to flip in order to be successful this tribal & it's annoying because I'm pretty sure none of them will. I just know right now it feels great to be safe because I literally have no clue what these people are going to do.

Also I love how Andy tells me the truth but Kaffe is lying. Andy says everyone knows I have the mask of restrict because of process of elimination but then Kaffe says Jake might have the mask. Hmm. Which one is it then?


Alright, so we’re merged and about to vote someone out, and I’m very confused! I really don’t know what to do, I think I might just vote for someone by random. I originally planned to stick with Andy and Steph, and that’s still my plan, but that requires the votes of Jake and Alex. That’s majority, which should be great. Problem is, Julian has a Mask of Restrict, forcing a tie, which is really bad - we’ll go to a tie and draw rocks.

No idea what’s going to happen. This’ll be interesting!


I am extraordinarily worried about tonights vote. I really don't want to go home. I feel like I may be a trophy vote tonight, you know the type of person you vote out, so that in final tribal you can say "I voted this person out"? Yeah, I'm afraid that it could be me. I don't want to get cocky (though it is inevitable) but I think I know how I'm seen in this game so far. I got almost all the blame for the Amber vote, which was a big game changer, and then Andy telling me today I'm a queen bee or something. I don't want to be seen that way! I don't want to be taken out tonight! But I'm worried I will be. I'm willing to go down fighting though, which is what I'm going to try to do.


I don't remember signing up for a cult yet here I am in #KandalStrong. Ok we're finally merged after God knows how long I was waiting and immediately you could cut the tension with a knife. Despite everyone's claims that we weren't gonna be split down tribal lines, I think everyone knew that's how the merge would end up being sliced. Luckily, I think my peeps from Kandal will keep me safe. Also Andy and Kaffe seem to like me so I doubt I'm getting votes from that side.

Side note here, I have no idea what Julian, Charley, Hannah, basically anyone not named Andy or Kaffe are doing with their social games. Leaving players feeling ignored in a game that's mostly about connections? That's utter shit and Im kinda glad that they're playing that angle so poorly because it only ends in upside for me. One thing is for sure though. I do not intend to be a #KandalStrong puppet just content with F4/5. I'm here to win and they may not know that yet but I sure as hell do. Also, Julian is a huge threat in challenges. Dude can not be stopped. I know for a fact that the second he loses a challenge, he needs to go. He's way too freaking dangerous to keep around. Not to mention that he may end up with the idol due to reward wins. So hopefully he loses soon so I can be the new dragon slayer and just send him to that jury. This tribal, I do feel some level of nervousness because there's always a possibility of even the most well thought out plans going horribly wrong, and our plan is certainly very unstable at the moment. You just gotta go with your gut, though and hope for the best. Let's pray for a miracle for Nate, yeah?

Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On (HQ Dirty)04:12

Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On (HQ Dirty)

(This actually has nothing to do with my confessional this time. I just love Missy.)


im drunk

i literally dont trust anyone in this game i want to trust jake and alex, but i cant i want to trust stephane i want to trust kaffe but i cant i am a lone wolf ad quite honestly i think i might be the target for the vote tonight


I just want to know why Alex played the vote revealer on Jonas but they are supposed to be close with each other?


We're tied! This is a mess. The Kandals voted Jake, after very obviously lying to me and telling me to vote Alex. Alex used the public vote on me, proving to not trust me. I also asked Julian about the mask, and he didn't answer. So many lies!!! This is crazy. If I vote Jake, I've burnt all bridges, so that's a no-go, but if I vote Hannah we draw rocks and I might be eliminated. This is a really tough choice, but seeing how nobody seems to trust me, I might as well grab a rock!


Oh my god, this tie is going to be the death of me. If I go home, then I'm proud of sticking loyal. I don't know why, just am. But that's not even the real humor of this situation. Get ready for this one. Stephane said that there's no chance of me winning. Maybe he's right and everyone thinks I'm a bitch, but the fact that it's him. Before tonight, I was totally down with stephane. I was like yeah, cool guy, super chill. Now, he's like number one on my "when he goes home I will laugh my ass off" list. I may not win, but don't come and threaten me. Act like you're above me. This tie will be the death of me, because there's a chance that I'll go home. But there's also a chance Stephane could go home, and I would laugh so hard I'd have to get medevac'd. This is what survivor's all about people. This is one wild ride, and I'm having a really fun time.


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