King of the Nerds: Scientific Siege
Filming Location Hollywood, California
Opening Sequence
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Series Chronology
Previous Season Season 1

King of the Nerds: Scientific Siege was the planned second season on the 703 ORG (Online Reality Game) Network! It is a competition based off of the TBS show, King of the Nerds! On June 2, 2017, the season was announced to have been cancelled.


  • Thirteen Contestants: 13 contestants will be chosen to compete.


JohnnyKotN2 LiamKotN2
Johnny Liam


The Nerd WallEdit

King of the Nerds

Elimination ChartEdit

Stage: Final 13
Episode: 1
Place Contestant Results

Color KeyEdit

    : The contestant won the competition and was crowned "King of the Nerds".
    : The contestant was the runner-up in the competition.
    : The contestant won the Nerd War and received immunity from elimination.
    : The contestant lost the Nerd War, but was not selected to compete in the Nerd-Off.
    : The contestant won the Nerd-Off and escaped elimination.
    : The contestant lost the Nerd-Off and was eliminated from the competition.



Season 2 Forum

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