Day 25Edit

Oeh oeh oeh, Lukas approached me and said he felt like he is on the bottom with the nains and that he wants to make a move with me and Tyler at final 6. This could be huge for us! He said that everybody wants Ryan out this week. Tyler and I also were placed in this new majority Alliance with Szymon, Scott and Jamie, but honestly I dont really think they are gonna take us really far. Lukas is the one who is gonna be crusial for my game. But for this tribal its suuuuper important that Ryan isnt winning immunity, because if he wins, Tyler and I are gonna need to play at least 1 idol and that would suck.


Omg NJ was really evacuated and i feel really bad for her, but i understand her reasons and wish her the best luck. Can't believe that Nain went fomr a 4-6 minority to 4-3 majority. I've been working my ass on it so hard especially the round that Jack went home. Now i really want two biggest okak threats out - Tyler and Ryan. Tyler won the challenge and got the idol clue. So im wondering if he is going to share with me or not. This is like a test for trust. I love Tyler to death but i cant just let him to make it deep in game. But at same time, Tyler and Bjorn really wants Ryan out (if they arent playing on me). I suggested to Bjorn that Lucas is on outs of Nain and would go after Ryyan (which he kinda is now on outs). So the thing that would mostly make sense for Okak is to go to Lukas and try him to flip. But im trying to talk to Lukas everyday and costantly update him about the game and he is set for Ryan to leave


Yep. It's official. I'm flipping.


Day 26Edit

No confessionals were made on this day.

Day 27Edit

No confessionals were made on this day.

Day 28Edit

Bjorn has told me that Ryan, apparently, is getting himself, Scott, Bjorn and Tyler into an alliance for this vote. Bjorn tells me that he's keen on ousting Ryan, but I honestly don't know what he's thinking... But hey, he wouldn't be telling me all of this if he didn't want to work with me.


Tyler won yay! More importantly, Ryan lost. Right now it looks like the plan is to vote out Ryan unanimous. Also, Ryan is obviously trying to safe himself, and he wants to vote together with me and Tyler, he says he has Scott with him too, but idunno about that. Scott doesnt seem to exited to keep Ryan and blindside one of the other 3. So for me its best to vote Ryan out today. He is such a flipflopper. When I safed him pre merge with thr Nathaniel vote, the first thing he did was flipping on me, so I dont think I can trust him to go far.

The person who I trust the most right now is obviously Tyler, but after him I think I can trust Lucas the most. He wants to vote with me and Tyler at final 6 and he wants to try to make the other 3 split votes on me and Tyler, but then vote us with us, which makes Lukas, Tyler and me have the majority. What Lukas doesnt know (yet) is that Tyler and me both have an idol and I want to make a move at final 6. Tyler knows about this plan already. If Ryan goes this tribal, Tyler and I wait untill we know who won immunity, after that we tell the rest of the tribe that we both have an idol and that we are gonna play them, so they cant vote for us. I expect them to vote Lukas, and thats exactly what I want. This will mean that Lukas has to vote with us, the 3 of us are gonna vote for Szymon, Scott or Jamie. It could be a tie, but that doesnt matter, because Tyler and I arent flipping at the revote, so the other 3 have to flip their vote, or go to rocks. When we draw rocks Lukas and the person we vote for are safe, Tyler is safe and I am safe. So this plan cant go wrong. The good part is that at final 5, Lukas isnt gonna flip back to the other 2, because they just voted for him at tribal. Meaning I have the majority till the end of the game.

So thats my plan right now, hopefully they dont blindside me this vote, because that is basically the only thing that can go wrong. But it looks like Im the swing vote a little bit right now, so I dont think I have to use my idol right now. If I get a strange vibe from some people, I still play my idol, but right now I feel safe.


when you kill 2 people in one shot in Dangonronpa (Luke tell me if that's spelled right) and one gets mad. BOY BYE I DONT A FUCKKKKKKKK