Day 7Edit



my main ally ugnius is now gone. i'm basically on the edge of losing hope


It's not a surprise to me why I did get some votes , I knew it was ugnius. Right now, I want Gerda out. If ugnius spread that news me and Gerda has some final 2deal which is a lie because I barely talk to her that means me and Gerda will be the next target, I need to dispose Gerda ASAP. It sucks that I'm gonna clean up ugnius mess. I wanna attack him on tribe chat like seriously, I wanna like scream on his face he is such an ass, but I can't I need to calm down and just keep on going.


I still don't trust Alex but I need him to feel that I trust him coz I knew he is a big factor why I got saved this time.


Ugnius is a piece of shit for sending screenshots of things I said LMAO, but at least it seems like nobody believed him

And if they do..... guess who has the idol? Not them, me!


This challenge is literally so fucking shady LMAO

So many people will just LIE and it will cause so much drama.... I can't deal with it ROFL Anyways, all of these bitches are probably scared by my reward reputation so I'm not gonna tell anyone about my doors besides Brian & Andrew


Day 8 Edit

I think Alex is the one who made all those chaos. Ugnius seems shock when I tell him my side of story. He trusted Alex (well I didn't) It's just the favour is on me that time. I think Alex take advantage of the situation that me and ugnius are the ones with strong personality on this cast, so to deflect the attention to him since possibilities he might be the target because he was on both rewards he let us duke each other out. I mean I could have talk to ugnius in the game but I don't wanna mess things up he is going so I'm ok with that, but I don't buy at all it was all ugnius.

It's time for more drama and flip these things up smile emoticon I need to play like I'm the victim and someone is playing mastermind.

Sorry guys I just love drama, it makes the game more interesting more for me. The more emotions you throw in the game the more it is interesting to watch and watching people gonna react on that. I'd rather play a rocky road of game and win than winning but doing nothing. It's just me.


I just ended up literally not telling anyone my doors, whether or not this is gonna be a stupid decision, if Andrew and Brian (or well only brian for me rofflé) stick to the plan I should get a decent score at least


Day 9 Edit

i just want them to feel im with them

it is obvious sarah and alex has an alliance the idea was they will not select any from numbers 1-9 since i gave them a hint which sets of numbers i will possible choose. if i get to immune this time, im leaning towards gerda, she is a threat. One reason is my name is still intertwined with her name plus she is playing dumb like i dunno whats going on



I love how my alliance and I slayed this shit, another day with safety, I'm lovin' it


Right now I feel nothing bad hate for this season. I don't go well with this cast and I have difficulties managing two orgs at the same time. This is the last time I will do it.


I hate to do this type of alliances coz it makes me feel like extremely racist but im gonna work any angles i have to stay longer on this game. I think i got rayton, i think i got gerda after that last tribal council thinking i have something to do why tyler was chopped off the block , and im gonna work this alliance.