Day 4Edit

Reed's actions are rubbing me the wrong way to be quite honest. If it is true that he begged to be part of this season, he should be the most respectful of everyone here (and it is well apparent that this is not the case, to my dismay).

He is usually the primary catalyst for arbitrary drama, and that needs to either be controlled or weeded out I take no particular liking to either option over the other


I can now check off "surviving my first Tribal Council of the season" off of my list of goals for this season. So, yeah, as expected, the person who went home was Andreas. I mean, I knew I heard his name a few of times, but the thing is, I didn't know the vote would be unanimous! Which'll make this tribe much more interesting if we go to Tribal again, especially with Xavier in the picture now. Eddie was talking to me, actually, about who I'd rather want to align with. He said either Xavier and his people, or with people such as Lindsay, TJ, and Wesley. I told him I'd rather be with the latter, considering I know them more, and like them better. I don't even know Xavier, and Eddie's saying that sticking with him will more than likely get us to the end. So, I'm at a bit of a crossroads here...I hope this doesn't mean I'm going to become the swing vote or something later on. We'll see, though. We shall see.


Emma is my number one in this game, with Perry being my number two

I actually trust Sean a lot as well, so would love to work with him down the line


I'm sure they all think they're very clever and cool voting him out first again.

Andreas, I promise you that I will work as hard as I can to make sure they all pay! ugh Tom thinks he's fooling me. Nope. Bitch how stupid do you think I am? Xavier thinks he's fooling me. Also nope. Hoe don't do it. TJ thinks he's a clever hoe. Bai I can't wait to vote people out


Ugh these people are boring as hell on my tribe but i like jordan sean and perry also gavin the other people are dry as heck! because i fell asleep talking to ian yikes!!!

also i cant wait until we lose a challenge i want jaylen or toms ass out of here tbh!!! tom thinking that he can play everyone!! okay okay werk!!!


I do feel bad for Andreas, I would hate to be a Franny. Tom thinks he's so smooth, but I'm on to him. We're going all out Mongolia on him. Jaylen thinks he's so good and that I'm going. *looks at my ORG stats shizz* I've outlasted him like 8/9 times. Who is clearly better? Stats don't lie. Anyways, this counterstrike thing, um no. They made a costly mistake by adding Gavin. Me, Perry, Gavin, Emma, Ian, Jordan and Sean are going to counter the counterstrike. It's so beautiful. :')


Day 5Edit

Yay, we won! Im hoping with all of the losses the other tribe will lose their morale. Since we haven't lost, we've been speculating about who is going home if we do lose... Just about everybody has said Reid. The dragging is still there. However, Norbert has been a hindrance in challenges. At this point, he's just jumping off of a plane without a parachute, it's not smart. I guess we'll just have to wait til' we lose.


Absolute slayage on our part today! Now it's the absolute opposite of how it went down for me in Wales. And that feels pretty darn good.


So now that the dust has sort of settled on the tribe, I'll say: I have mixed feelings about my tribe.

We got most of the more docile players, the less aggressive players. This is probably good for me, since it means our side will be more loyal. However, we also are probably the weaker tribe. No, not probably, we are the weaker tribe. So if we're lucky, we'll escape with even numbers for a swap or something. Luckily, it looks like the members of the counterstrike seem pretty intent on sticking with it (seeing as none of its members have warned me of its existence other than Gavin) so we could potentially use that against them in a swap. We've also started looking for the idol as a group. Hopefully we find it before Tom does. I suppose that's statistically likely.


So, I think it's safe to say that frustration has clearly set in on this tribe, especially considering how we lost a second time. A host said we did good despite losing, but I'm not buying it. We clearly lost. We clearly got our asses whooped a second time, and I'm gonna say it, I can't stand losing. I'm so damn competitive, it's not even funny. And comparing this tribe to Bimberi, the tribe that completely dominated when it came to challenges, it's so different. I'm not used to this type of constant pressure. And speaking of pressure, fucking Dan messages me about the vote. He straight up asks me if I want Lindsay or Wesley gone. I told him why them, and he said, "because you said so!" No I didn't?! What the fuck?! So, I know one of Xavier's goonies, that's much is for certain. The thing is, though, I have no idea what's going to should I really be calling Dan a goony of Xavier? I could be calling the two of them allies... God, I'm so stressed.


Tom just told me that people are targeting me. I'm not stupid. Gavin tells us everything, which is why he is so amazing tbh. He is one of the main people targeting me. AND HE TELLS ME THAT I'M IN TROUBLE! *laughs uncontrollably*. Anyways, Ian and Norbert better not get that strike tbh.


So, things happened rather quickly since I made my last confessional. Since then, Dan messaged me and told me that five people on this tribe were gonna vote for Lindsay to go home. He asked if I was okay with that, and honestly, I told him I didn't know. Eddie and I also talked, and he gave me a list of names who were gonna vote for her, pretty much confirming Dan's statement. Eddie said that they needed a sixth. As much as I really, really don't want to vote Lindsay, I'm thinking maybe I probably should. All in the event that I don't make myself look like an outsider, or in the case that I don't want to ruffle feathers. I've been told that, obviously, TJ and Lindsay are close. They are also good with people such as Emma, Perry, and Wesley. They're bound to stick together, and if I were to align myself with them, I'd go before all of them, knowing our level of friendship among each other. So, like with Dan, I told Eddie how I felt about this whole thing. It's really a guilt thing, honestly. But being guilty about voting someone out will make your a terrible player at the game. A good player adapts to their surroundings and is always aware of what's happening, and isn't afraid to give people the ax. And I'm out here on Resurgence to show people how good of a player I am, dammit!


am I frustrated? Yes. Norbert didn't deserve it anymore. All those people on Qin deserve it. Norbert doesn't. I am so frustrated because he is gonna drag us down. I hope we lose because he is dead weight.