OMGGGGGGG. I'm still in this game :)

I'll try to return Go, Linhhhhhhhhh


I am a swing vote in my new tribe...

I could be on a good place on which alliance i want to fit in... but who knows...i could be blindsided in a snap..


CALLED IT! i knew i told a few people there's gonna be new tribes baby! HAHA thank you fruit machine!!! but first, let me give you a rundown of what happened when i was out chillin on a saturday and i have to deal erin and gynyoh during the revote. so the 3-way tie happened with brian playing an idol which is okay cool? anyways that left us with linh and shellie to vote. when i thought that was gonna be an easy lihn vote for us 3, paranoid erin is throwing me some serious trust issues. she showed me a screenshot from lihn and her convo with gynyoh (i told gynyoh to pretend make peace with linh so that we'll know what's up with them lol). erin believed that lihn and gynyoh are chummy chummy. so she believes gynoh might vote with brian *eye roll + exasperated sigh* i mean come on, linh and gynyoh are legit enemies since this game started. i told her just that and assured her gynhon will def vote linh. and like there's no need for us to turn against each other and stuff like that. plus, the fact that if the revote plan changes i told her we are both gonna get screwed in the end. but she didn't stop there, she told me like some guy outside the game told her to save linh because she is trustworthy. like omfg why does someone outside the game have to be involved. i was mad furious about that and she kept questioning my loyalties. well, erin, you just made it to my bottom list for not trusting me. i told shellie about erin being paranoid and how she frickin gets on my nerves. anyways, i'm so glad i got out of the that forsaken tribe and i'm kinda with my people. hallelujah.


Ok so with the second tribe swap I feel happy with my new tribe! I have the majority, I have an idol and I have the oportunity to flip... yes Brian approached me and offered me a place with him! He has the idea of me, himself, Vu and Fabi which to me sounds good because this game is about big moves and flipping is a big move. So many things could go wrong, I mean Vu doesn't want to hear any of it but I can do it without him if i can convince my original alliance to split the votes. Another factor is the chambri token, it only takes one wrong decision and I could be on the end of a blindside. To completely be secure I want to find this second idol however this thing is like a needle in a hay stack without a clue which sucks cos I mean two idols would practically make me a god. So goals for the next few days are... find this fucking idol, win a challenge and if not flip!


Well there goes my alliance of 5 with Jessica, Linh, Brian and Loren... now i need to find good new allies


Damn.. im again in the minority.. but at least im the only person who always stayed on the same tribe grin emoticon


Day 14 Edit

Oh god, I thought for sure I was done for. But a ray of hope may have saved me.... Idk yet for sure, will let you know. Let's just say that Bas, Julez, Whit, and I may become a thing. wink emoticon


Day 15 Edit

I facilitated all of this...I hope it goes well

Whit thinks I'm with her and Erin thinks I'm with her too...If whit goes she's completely blindsided


Nvm, everyone went back to ignoring me. xD There was a little ray of hope, but I don't know anymore tbh. Expect to go on my vacation with Linh and Jessssss heart emoticon

Kind of nervous again. Idk, so the alliance between Julez, myself, Whitney, and Bas is official. I am not sure if it is merely a cover up to make me feel safe, or a legitimate alliance. I really do like Whitney and we have played this game together since day one, not in terms of alliances, but we have been on the same tribe. Julez tried messaging me like 800 times, but I kept ignoring her until today... Sorry hun, lmao, I was so busy this week as it was. Bas and I get along pretty well, honestly, but I really am sketch about him tbh. Gyn was so kissing my ass, but I am not going to fall for that at all. I really cant stand Grams (Erin) at all and she is definitely my target tonight.


I hope the votes will be 2 for you loren. 2 whitney and 2 erin...Erin is kinda sketchy now I don't know what she is up to. Maybe she tries to teaming up to the both of you...i don't know...Let's see the result


Women: They won't hesitate to slit your throat.

Why women have to be so catty and bitchy? Is like I'm seriously trying to build up an alliance and first chance they get they go behind your back. I approached Whitney about protecting me loren bas and her at this tribal from recieving votes. Soon as I know she screenshoted that conv (btw I guess that's cheating but had no proves she did) to Gynyoh! I'm like really bitch? So in the other side I have Erin, the girl that on Day 1 she said "you're not giving a good impression so far" Then she planned my whole "elimination" that round. I still have some unfinished business with her torch. But at the same time I actually think she'll be more loyal than Whitney. Seems like they're targeting each other which is good for me. Let me keep my loyal boys


yay! I made it...My plan works! Adios Whitney smile emoticon

Whitney, Next time include me with your plans...Include me when you make an alliance chat to other people. Don't be too comfortable...Say goodbye to Loren for the meantime.


i am deliberately making myself annoying because tribe life has been boring to the point that i am making lies about what i'm doing irl which they may/may not care. idols may have been found already. chambiri tokens are such a pain to worry about. the other tribe has token an entire week to do tribal. i'm kind of relieved gynyoh wasn't one of the votes lol. i was expecting a tie with gynyoh and whitney but not loren. but seeing erin and loren throw a few exchanges in the wiki, well, he was voted. looks like i won't be able to talk to one of them. also, i am watching the lion king, not annabelle, suckers.


Also don't these people realize one of them is staying? lmao why would both talk so much shit. If they were on the bottom now they're even more.

And we'll probably lose the next challenge so It's a bye bye for both of them anyway. Just that freaking token can ruin all the plans.


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