Day 10Edit

So relieved John is out, and the vote couldn't have gone more perfectly. It was a unanimous vote so the other tribes won't know who's aligned on this tribe, and John voted for Domonique so that takes the heat off of me for now. In the case that we lose again I'm going to talk to Emma about whether we should go with Nuno or Domonique. Obviously I'd like to get TJ out, but I have no idea if we'll be on this tribe long enough to turn on each other, and I wanna be the one making that move. Domonique approached me with an all girl alliance idea, and I like it. For me, at some point I've gotta get Nuno out to bring Emma closer to the girls. I think if we lose we take out TJ and hope for a tribe switch that plays in our favor. If not, then I bet Domonique will try to take out Nuno, and probably vice versa, so I'll get a feel for what Emma wants to do.


I proposed an all girl alliance to Laura and Lindsay, but something tells me I can't trust either of them. I'm not a dumb bitch and never have been, I know I can't trust them but I think I could trust Emma, TJ and probably Nuno. I don't know what will happen, but I will just try to prepare myself for the worst & hope for the best.


So is it bad to say that there are only a handful of people who can win left? I'd say there are 2-3 people on each tribe with a legitimate shot, based on challenges and how votes have gone. When they get together in a dissolve or merge, this should get good. As for the challenge today, I am blessed with a shooter. :D like this game was made for me. I'm just happy the zombie AI is equal to Jack's social skills, so hopefully I can take home a point for Variara in my round ! :D


Tyler is still being a lil' bitch about some people's lack of confessions. I can't wait to vote him out lel


Interestingly enough, each tribe has now lot a member. Each one playing a little too under the radar. Now that the easy votes are out of the way, this game is going to get crazy. And whichever tribe loses the next immunity challenge basically will have to make the first big vote of the game. Luckily, I came prepared.


Day 11Edit

Now it is my ranting mode on. Why do the hosts choose such lame episode titles? Nearly sure 90% of them are coming from those cocky ass people from the other tribes who think they are running the game 24/7 (just kidding by the way Diego and Tyler xd). I feel neglected, I want an episode title as well, and I am not an evil person (despite I do plan to blindside around 50 people on the way to FTC). Just give me a chance ;-;-;-;-;-;


I feel hurt and offended by having one of those lame episode titles.


Laura's joke is the best shit ever "One Horse Open Slayyyy" is getting me killed, and I was so late for this joke xd


I'm fucked


When u didn't flop but you thought you would <3 #justorgthings


Day 12Edit

Win , WIN WIN WIN no matter what!!!!! We keep on winning these challenges and are sitting pretty . I wanted to get rid of Ian but That time might have to wait. There hasn't been much strategy talk going on within our group except for The one time Ian mentioned Jp going home If we were to lose.


I feel almost positive that there will be a tribe switch an wwe will go to two tribes of 7 . If this happens I feel like we can be in the majority on either tribe but anything can happen. I feel really comfortable with my alliance with ARA and Jp and also the sub alliance with TOM , IAN ARA AND ME . I feel like I'm in the driver seat and I just have to be patient and make my moves when I have too. I obviousy would of scored the highest in anoy of the 5 games from the matchup challenge


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