Day 10Edit

#confession ..i'm not a loser but i'm a Ghost

slaylen says im doing nothing on my tribe so now i focus myself on proving that i'm worthy to keep since no one wants to talk to me i have no allies ..but i wont tell to my tribe if im annoyed or so ..let's just stay quiet

that's kind of a Creepy gameplay

telling that and p.s i feel like an Asian X here in my tribe


4 down, 7 to go. Here we come Qin. A panda should never defeat a crocodile.


I thinkkkkk Perry is being honest with me. Haven't been to surprised by his moves. He said he was gonna take out a Qin. I've been working with him and playing Jaylen and Gavin as well. I made a deal with Gavin a while ago, but I don't trust him too much. He been actin' shady to everyone.


Well I have no idea what happened, but I know I'm on the bottom. I think Xavier went around saying Gavin and didn't tell me. So I was completely out of the loop. There's nothing worse than that. From the top to the bottom, again.


Seeing Xavier leave is actually iffy with me. I did not like playing with him, even though we were aligned, but he had a LITTLE bit of trust in me, and was a vote for me. Even though he didn't tell me about the alliance called "Counterstrike" that was formed on like day 1 (Yeah, I know about that) he was with me to a point. Then again, I knew he was going to try and be a dirty player and yolo blindside until his foolishness got him out. Overall, I'm sad that someone I could have small term worked with left, but it's probably best for me in the long run he is out now.


My confessinal is ugh idk what to do I wanna make a move but it looks like we're just gonna pick off the other people I kinda wanna flip to them but these hoes ain't loyal but who knows I still think it's to early for me to make a move.


So, something happened. I'm chatting with Sean for the first time, and the dude's a great guy! Very fun to talk to! I enjoy his company. Definitely someone I can relate to as far as our thoughts in regards to the game. But, things got kind of interesting. He showed me a sketchy looking screenshot of a discussion he had with Tom. It pretty much said that Tom wanted to get rid of either Bryce or myself. Uh...that's so strange. Why the hell would Tom want to get rid of someone like Bryce and myself? We are team players. We've been contributing to this tribe so fucking much. Hell, Sean even said I killed that quiz challenge. Swear to God! And take people like Norbert? Who was constantly costing us points last time? Who we've been worrying about not sending in any scores? Sean was even complaining about him, and that must say a lot. Again, we think similar. But, then again, that screenshot looked pretty sketchy to me. I've got my eye on the both of 'em. Hmm...


lesson if yesterday: when I want to throw a challenge, DON'T ASK ANYONE IN THE SQUAD TO DO IT! they did awful. I hope they can do it semi-decently today.


There is no better feeling in this game then being spared from tribal. I am so happy, even my ass sucking score was better then some of the other tribes! And from what Perry has told me Shannon will be going, which is sad, she is such a nice lady. But on the other hand its really funny to watch Qin go down one by one, I would love to be the last left, like if we lose Reed will be a big target but also Tom is scheming, I think he needs to go as well, because no one will ever like Reed, (in the game not in real life, I'm sure he is really nice irl) In the game tho he just rubs people the wrong way. So when we go to tribal it will be an interesting one~


Day 11Edit

IT'S DAY 11 AND I AM ALREADY SO DONE. THIS IS SO EXHAUSTING. I'm gonna be really happy when we can just split the votes and throw caution to the wind.


I made a hometown connection with Shannon incase she survives to merge.

I rallied old Shang to work with Max since he seems to be an outsider to old Qin. Thankfully we won immunity and didn't have to test that alliance, Suchy a messy web of alliances. and if need be, I could work with Eddie and Dan's lil Qin group of them plus Noah and Bryce. Butttt, I like the anti-Qin movement we got going, Oh, and of course there's "Counterstrike" and it's goofiness. It accomplished it's mission tho, take out malakal, haha.


Now that I know what really happened I'm scared. Pretty much Xavier was targeting Gavin due to past history. However, Gavin was told of the plan and counterstriked (see what I did there) him. He decided not to tell the alliance in fear that the plan would've been ruined. The problem with that is it left me totally out of the loop and honestly made me look stupid. Now I'm worried that vote will screw me over big time. Seems like Gavin is playing this game more selfishly than he should be...


Okay, okay, okay. What the actual fuck is going on here?! Sean, AGAIN, sent me a screenshot that I think looks sketchy. THIS TIME, he's talking to Reed. Reed goes on and says something about "The Counterstrike," which may be an alliance that consists of Dan, Eddie, Tom, and Jaylen. What. The. Hell. I'm so confused by this point. I've trusted Eddie since the very beginning, and he's been making it very clear that he wants to work with me. Why wouldn't he want to include me in this subsequent alliance? It consists of two people from Qin and two people from Shang. Sean's suggesting we stick together. I'm thinking Sean just wants to try to fuck with the people from Qin that moved to Shang because we have the majority, and could easily pluck them all off one by one if we keep losing. If this is the case, I see right through him, and his punk ass screenshots. If you want to actually try to make me think it's real, send me one that's not just of a chat box.


Everything is so complex!!! TJ is a little stub of Perry's alliance Jordan and Shannon are friends with Xavier, meaning they'll be looking to vote out Gavin so I can even approach them for votes! I cant even trust Gavin anymore! He wants to get rid of all the former Qins because he thinks they'll have an undersigned story at FTC.WHAT THE HELL!!! It is the final 17 on day 11! In Japan we would've been on the third duel! We are nowhere near FTC so why are you worried about it?! He gone insane! I'm completely stumped on this vote. Should I go after Gavin with Shannon and Jordan and tie the numbers with Perry's Angels (My mew name for his alliance)? Should I wing it and attack Perry's angels? Should I take an easy vote.and go for Shannon or Jordan? This is too much pressure...


And literally two fucking minutes later, I'm probably going to be eating my words. Sean, for the THIRD TIME, sends me a screenshot. THIS TIME, THOUGH, it's from Reed himself! And NOT from a chat box...but from a mobile phone Messenger. It's from Tom, and he's legit just saying the majority is gunning for me. He said Bryce could help them with challenges in the future. Well, that's fucking horrible to hear. All the work I've been putting in this season, and Tom just fucking takes it, stomps on it, spits on it, pisses on it, and kicks dirt on it. I'm disgusted. Tom is obviously playing this damn game way too hard, way too fast. It's fucking day ten, you dumb idiot! You don't vote out assets. You get rid of the people who are outsiders, outcasts, or are just horrible at this game. I'm so fucking done. At this rate, I wouldn't mind risking getting rid of Tom. The tone of this game has just changed big time. This is going to be an amazing Tribal Council.


Well, damn! Shang fucking crushed Qin this time around! Looks like the fun with Tom will have to wait another day. Tonight? We celebrate! Damn, it feels so good to be winning again! To be honest, I'm kind of glad I don't have to deal with all of that stuff with Tom just yet. I'm getting used to winning these challenges! I don't wanna stop! And I think I speak on behalf of everyone in Shang when I say that the feeling may very well be mutual. Time will tell what'll happen with Tom. Winning these challenges and staying away from Tribal will either make things more clearer or much more messier for myself, and I can't wait to find out. I forgot how fun this game was! I'm having a blast!


things have been going great tbh. I have the best alliance ever. I hope they vote TJ because he made the finals and stuff. I completely have Sean's trust to show me his Tom screenshots. I need to get that idol and use it. To get out Tom. He's overstayed his welcome. I love how he has game alliances with like everyone. My plan for my fake idol is when we lose to use it to pull people over to my side.


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