Day 35Edit

omg SLAY AT ME MAKING FINAL 4!!! And also slay @ me and Bjorn thwarting 2 blindside attemps like GIRL TRY AGAIN WHEW


Also my plans may change. I had a F2 with Bjorn and another one with Scott but miss Scott has tried to blindside me twice IN A ROW & that deal is broken lol can I beat Bjorn? Idk but I'd rather lose to my partner in crime than win without him there with me


YAAAHOOOOOO I played my idol right! Now we are at final 4 and its probably gonna be a tie vote lol. I have to work superhard to win immunity and if I cant I have to win the tiebreaker. This is gonna be the first time Im really gonna try to win immunity. I really need it now.


Canada Confessional Day 3510:50

Canada Confessional Day 35


Day 36Edit

Can Jamie stop winning immunity please? Seriously, she is the Sepp Blatter of Survivor. What does she want? Does she want to play the game, or does she want to quit? Just stop it. I really hope that the Nains vote for Tyler, because that would make me safe aswell. But I think they will vote me because Im weaker.. I am gonna try to talk to Scott. I can say that I consider flipping to their side and vote Tyler, but that I will do it at the revote. Because they could vote me out in a 2-1-1 vote if I flip before the revote. If they believe that, they are voting Tyler and I am safe! Lets try that, its my only option next to winning the tiebreaker.


Hi again, been a long time since my last confessional (I'm Caramoan Brenda). I really hope Scott survives the TB because then I think I'm pretty much guaranteed FTC, and I think I might have the votes to win. I really need Tyler out before F3 though, and the best option for me might be having Bjorn win the Tiebreaker and then me winning Final Immunity and voting off Tyler, I don't know. I think Scott can beat me at this point so while I want him to win to give me the best shot of making FTC, I need to really start thinking about whether I should take him to FTC or not (if I win FTC and he survives the TB).


Day 37Edit

No confessionals were made on this day.

Day 38Edit

I made it to final 3! I HAVE to win this FIC. I have no idea who Tyler and Jamie are gonna take to the end if they win, but they should take eachother honestly. Tyler said he is taking me though, he might do that, he is the kind of person that thinks loyalty is important. If he is smart though, he is for sure taking Jamie. Jamie is a goat. Idunno who Jamie is taking to the end, but I might be able to convince her to take me. Tyler is an extremely likeable guy, I do have a chance to convince Jamie to take me. But I am gonna give 155000% to win this immunity because I know I probably really need it. If I win Im taking Jamie, Tyler is very hard to beat, so I dont care about loyalty at this point. Actually I never cared about loyalty lol.


So in talking to Jamie and Bjorn, I have them pitted against each other right now. Both are willing to take me to FTC over the other one because they both said they rather lose to me then the other one. Now they could just be bullshitting me BUT hopefully they aren't so I'm safe either if I win or lose *crosses fingers*


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