Hunger Games II
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Season 1
Season Run April 11th - Currently running
Days -
Winner -
Runner(s)-up -
Returnees NONE
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Series Chronology
Previous Season Hunger Games I
Next Season Nothing Announced yet

Hunger Games II is the second Annual Hunger Games of the 703 ORG (Online Reality Game) Network!

May the odds be ever in your favor.


  • Water around the cornucopia: The cornucopia for the first time ever will be surrounded by water, making players swim away rather than run away.


Gamemaker Tom Snow Manga
Gamemaker Tom President Thomas Snow


Tribute photo Tribute Where From? Training Score Day of death How did tribute die?
CatherineHG2 Catherine Sikes
District 11 5 Bloodbath TBA
AnnaHG2 Anna Belle
District 4 8 Bloodbath TBA
DuskHG2 Dusk Duskull
District 11 4 Bloodbath TBA
BooHG2 Zayn Rogers
District 8 Bloodbath TBA
LiamHG2 Liam Maple
District 1 8 Bloodbath TBA
BlaineHG2 Blaine Lazarev
District 11 4 Bloodbath TBA
CharlieHG2 Charlie Tchotchke
District 6 5 Night 2 TBA
IanHG2 Ian Miller
District 10 6 Night 2 TBA
ClaudiaHG2 Claudia Prescott
District 7 7 Night 3 TBA
FelixHG2 Felix Albrecht
District 3 8 Night 3 TBA
PriscillaHG2 Priscilla Tran
District 9 4 Night 3 TBA
TobyHG2 Toby Marlow
District 3 7 Night 3 TBA
WhitneyHG2 Whitney Benson
District 7 5 Night 4 TBA
JosephHG2 Joseph Coholic
District 1 10 Alive TBA
EddieHG2 Eddie Marshall
District 2 7 Alive TBA
CharleyHG2 Charley Ripa
District 2 6 Alive TBA
WillHG2 Will Lott
District 4 11 Alive TBA
SorapherHG2 Sorapher Blue
District 5 8 Alive TBA
AlexaHG2 Alexa Marrero
District 5 5 Alive TBA
CaliHG2 Cali Smithe
District 8 7 Alive TBA
AlexHG2 Alex Vivor
"Alex V"
District 9 9 Alive TBA
KevinHG2 Kevin Williams
District 10 9 Alive TBA
TylerHG2 Tyler Ridgeway
District 12 9 Alive TBA
EvanHG2 Evan Grier
District 12 7 Alive TBA





Tribute mangas: Dani Gunn

Moderator mangas: Brian Ruvolo

Season logo: Alex Koror

Map: Thomas Saxby


-This season had the most Bloodbath deaths ever, with six



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