These are the rules for every season of the 703 ORG Network. These may be altered according to the show type, but the core rules usually stay the same.



Rule #1: Your chat that you created to enter the season, titled “(Name)’s (Season Name) Thread”, is where you will send all of your viewing lounge confessionals.

  • REMEMBER, when you submit a VL confessional, you MUST put the word “VL confessional” or “VL CF” beforehand to indicate that it’s a confessional. Otherwise, it will NOT be sent to the VL. You can send VL confessionals at any time and we encourage you to send as many as you want.*

Rule #2: In order to record confessionals easier each season, you will each fill out the google doc form, which is in the group description and will also be linked in your season's contestant group! You are aloud to record any type of confessional you choose (text, video or audio). You MUST have your name/the day it is in game EVERY SINGLE TIME you make a confessional OR IT WILL NOT BE RECORDED!!!


Rule #3: WHAT TO SEND→ Viewing Lounge Confessionals, challenges scores, votes, idol plays/guesses will be submitted to your confessional chat. If you do not submit your VL confessionals, scores, votes, idol guesses and plays to your thread, THEY WILL NOT COUNT.

Rule #4: If you fail to vote within the tribal council deadline, you will earn yourself a self-vote. If you self vote twice, you will be removed from the game.

Rule #5: When you submit for a challenge, it must be a full screenshot including the date and time in the corner. Old screenshots are NOT allowed. You must send your screenshot to your (Season Name) Thread. If your screenshot doesn’t meet these requirements, it will NOT count, and you will receive a challenge strike!!!! If you cannot submit, message your thread and abstain from the competition.

Rule #6: YOU CANNOT CHANGE SCORES OR VOTES ONCE SUBMITTED! All submissions are FINAL, so be sure of your scores and votes when you send them in, because you WILL NOT be allowed to change them under ANY circumstances AT ALL.


Rule #7: If you don't submit for a challenge pre-merge and don't abstain, you will get a challenge strike. Get 3 and you will be medically removed from the game. In order to not get a strike, just simply message your confessional thread and tell the hosts you won't be able submit & you will be excused.

Rule #8: If you do not submit without abstaining during the merge phase of the game, you CANNOT vote in the following tribal council. You are also NOT permitted to play idols, artifacts, etc. If you are ineligible 2 times during the merge phase, you will be removed from the game entirely. Inactivity slows everyone down and we want the game to go as smoothly/swiftly as possible.


Rule #9: We don't have people play OR host to be harassed. You need to respect the hosts and the other players, no questions asked. Getting into heated arguments are fine because that's apart of the game & we are all humans, so being emotional is expected. However, if we feel you are too disrespectful, we do reserve the right to SNATCH THE FUCK OUT OF YOU and/or remove you from the game.

Rule #10: Each of you gets a profile page to describe yourself on the wiki! Please fill those out as soon as they're up!

Rule #11: You are allowed to guess for the idol every 8 hours. Any guess you make that isn’t at least 8 hours after your last guess will not be answered.

Rule #12: Screenshotting somebody else's conversation, your thread or a tribe's conversation is BANNED this season. If you are caught/it gets reported to us that you have used screenshots (or even faked screenshots), you will get a strike, 3 votes against you on the next tribal council you are not immune and 2 votes removed from you if you make it to the Final Tribal Council and get votes. (If you end up being immune all tribals until FTC after your misdeed, we'll just discount 4 jury votes from you instead :) )

Rule #13: If you fake your score screenshot, have somebody else do the challenge for you or try to create/download a program or software to help you in any types of challenges, that is considered cheating and will warrant you an immediate ejection from the game, without coming back. So don't try it!

  • Any additional questions, please feel like to ask one of the hosts of your season to clarify. Good luck!!!!

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