Day 4Edit

You better watch out bitches, I am not telling a soul about this little motherfucker, because I am here to cause drama and to destroy dreams. I know going into this I'm going to have a big target, so it's not worth it telling Brian who can be shady about having an idol, if you read this ily but literally..... this is my first one... ever.... I'm not gonna fuck around LOL


LOL, this is fun. tbh i made that comment " how did they do that" (im pertaining to how they get high scores) in a sarcasm way, but here is genius ugnius say something else about trang photoshopping it. I love it when drama starts, i never thought im the one who will ignite some drama on, im taking he credit for that but ugnius really is the bad seed.


OH MY GODPUM. Ugnius is honestly playing so linearly right now that I really dont want ot work with him, but I need to stay on his good side.


Anarchy for the second time in a row...Dear lord have mercy on me


Like seriously I know how to do the game, it's just that....... Maybe it's Time to play like I'm just a beauty. Like doesn't know what to do, maybe Gerda is playing the same card as I'm playing now.

My strategy to this game is, stir things up but it a way that they won't recognize it's actually me who do those kind of jobs, play low on challenges and more of when people ask me who am I gonna align , I'm just gonna say I like that person and I like the other one too. I'm gonna do the opposite of hating everyone. Usually I flirt with guys, but this time maybe I should try girls, after all maybe there is nothing wrong on trying. Btw my boyfriend approves this so we are good, he knows I'm good with flirting so he wants me to win.


Day 5Edit

I'm enjoying this season so far. It's my first, I'm still getting used to some things, and of course I can get better at the challenges but there are a lot of guys here that are worse than me, even for the rookie I am. Overall I'm gunning to win in my debut season and if that means making some tough choices, so be it!


Ok here, I need to lie a bit just to boost up Danish to vote ugnius out


I really hope Tarq or whatever the hell his name is loses so I can try to get him out, idk him but this bitch has a secret message so I'm not fucking with that. I know I have a secret idol but none of these bitches know that ha


ok I literally don't even care about the comp anymore because I am too idiotic to get it, at least if I get targetted I can whip out the idol like bye bitches


Clairie hun, you're lovely, but I'm coming after YOUR tribe, you made the moves

boom boom bang Ugnius is such an idiot for telling me that my tribe was about to lose because when I realized those 2 bitches were teaming on us, I went ham

Ugnius can you stop being an annoying little shit LOL.... He's like "ALEX YOURE PLAYING REALLY UNFAIR BECAUSE YOU DONT WAIT AN HOUR" ok bitch Im SORRY you dont understand the rules I agree it's very unfair I actually think I'm slaying this challenge on my own and I'm pretty proud of myself, my (I thought it was one) two torches still standing steady and I covered a ton as well Buckle up, bitches! This is Thesus game to win! HOLY SHIT, Ugnius is driving me NUTS, what an annoying fuck trying to get me to throw the challenge, BYE


Considering I like to have fun in wiki games and usually don't have a strategy because I don't know most of the people, my strategy is probably going to be voting out whoever pisses me off the most that round

Ugnius doesn't count because he annoys everyone

Did this bitch just extinguish Ariadne when Ariadne is..... pretty much eliminated


OK this Jade girl needs to get the fuck out

urgh seriously I did this entire shit by myself for this random bitch to start being active..... go the fuck away

OK If I fucking did this entire challenge by myself just so this stupid bitch would come around and just win the challenge for her team I'll be pissed Go the fuck away Sarah, if we meet and were both at tribal, prepare for a ride because Im'ma make sure your ass goes home Because stuff like that makes me unbareably salty Ugnius & Sarah are like the two biggest obstacles of this competition because one is annoying as fuck and the other just randomly comes around and destroys everything


Day 6Edit

This challenge is making my hair prematurely turn grey.


I'm kind of disappointed to see Ugnius go because I think he could have been a really good goat later in the game - but at the same time I get why he was voted off. Welp, time to find another meatshield.


He won't suspect it that it was me voted for him coz in the first place I'm the one who hyped up of ugnius boot creating a chat thread for his boot.


Um... Ugnius hun... it's not a good strategy to talk to me in private and literally throw 6 names around.... LMAO


What the fuck? Is Ugnius fucking serious?

Is this little twitchface going around telling people that it was MY idea to vote for Jay when it was his? Fuck off you pretentious little twat lol


Oh, I definitely feel like Gerda & Jay might be secretly working together because Gerda approached me about the Ugnius situation and I feel like the only person who could possibly have told her that is Jay

I personally am very glad that my idol isnt going to waste the very first tribal I'm attending, I assume I'm doing something right...... or other people something wrong


Jay is like "Thank you for telling me, I trust you more now" and I literally just voted for him, it's so hilarious LOL

At least he doesnt suspect me to have voted for him so when he scrambles he won't guess me as one of the 3, how fabulous


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