Cheating is a case where contestants attempt to rig the game for them to win in one way or another.

Forms of CheatingEdit


Sockpuppetry occurs when a contestant (known as the sockpuppeteer) attempts to further their own game by entering a second account (known as a sockpuppet) into the game.

Another form of sockpuppetry occurs when a former contestant tries to enter a different account into another season, with the hopes of being able to play again, unbeknownst to everyone else.


Photoshopping occurs when a contestant tries to digitally alter their challenge scores, making it look like they received a higher score than what they actually did.

Password StealingEdit

Password stealing is when one contestant obtains another contestant's password and play as them. This is considered cheating as another tribe mate is doing the work for a different tribe mate, which can unfairly help them win.

Helping With ScoresEdit

Helping with scores is considered cheating as another tribe mate is doing the work for a different tribe mate, which can unfairly help them win.

Glitch ExploitingEdit

Glitch exploiting is when a contestant exploits a glitch in a flash game, which can unfairly help them win.

Outside ContactEdit

Players in the game are not allowed to contact people outside of the game or on other tribes, as this can give players an unfair advantage. It is also forbidden for jurors to contact players still in the game, or for people outside the game to leak information to the contestants.


Starting in Season 20, Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, players were forbidden to send screenshots of conversations to other contestants.

Known CheatersEdit

Cheater Season Type Reason Punishment
Constance Marie Survivor: Siem Reap Password Stealing Attempted to get Stephane's Wikia password to complete a challenge for him. She was given a warning by the hosts. Her tribe, Pailin, later lost the challenge and she was blindsided in a 5-3 vote.
AvicciFan2010 Photoshopping Attempted to turn in a photoshopped score to win his tribe the challenge. He was given a penalty vote at the next tribal he attended. His tribe lost that challenge and with his penalty vote included, he was voted out 7-1.
Amoline Survivor: Australia and Survivor: Minoan Empire Sockpuppeting Successfully entered and played in Australia as Attrexy. She also entered MystiaBlue in Minoan Empire, but has no recollection of playing. Due to her vanishing from the ORG afterwards and both not being discovered until long after their respective seasons, There was no punishment given.
Bebunghia97 Survivor: Tokelau Glitch Exploiting Attempted to turn in a negative score of 3D Tilt. He was given a zero for his challenge score, which cost his tribe the win. His tribe went to tribal, however he was spared from being voted out.
Evtmuzik Survivor: Papua New Guinea and Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Sockpuppeting Successfully entered and played in Papua New Guinea and Heroes vs. Villains as Halinhvn. Due to "Linh" having already left the community by the time the infractions had been discovered, there was no formal punishment given.
TLazyS Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Screenshotting Sora sent screenshots of some game-related conversations to Szymon. Sora and Szymon were both given a strike, a self-vote at the next tribal council, and were both ineligible to win immunity at the next tribal council. The six players who were eligible to vote all unanimously voted out Szymon.
Migueldegouveia Advance Knowledge of Cheating Had known about Sora and Szymon's cheating while failing to notify the hosts about this infraction of the rules. Since this infraction was only discovered after Miguel's elimination, he was denied the privilege of being able to write a jury speech.
electrathrills Survivor: San Marcos Outside Contact Attempted to contact finalists from the jury; also was being leaked information from the Viewer's Lounge. For attempting to contact finalists, he was ejected from the jury and banned from competing on future 703 seasons. No punishment was given for being leaked information.
seviper4363 Outside Contact Leaked information from the Viewer's Lounge to electrathrills during the game. Both individuals were banned from competing on future seasons of 703.
kbates22 Survivor: Caracol Screenshotting Sent two screenshots of conversations with Forrest in a group chat. She was given two strikes for the rule infraction (one for both screenshots), which lead to her being removed from the game (she had already received two strikes for unrelated reasons).
cspalmer70 Survivor: Chaos Screenshotting Sent two screenshots of conversations of a group chat to Elias after her elimination. Ejected from the Uhane chat and forfeited any chance of returning to the game.
Gwux Forwarded the screenshots of conversations to another player. Received a strike and a self-vote at the next Tribal Council he attended.
Nicp101 Screenshotting Sent a screenshot of a conversation to another player. Received a strike and a self-vote at the next Tribal Council he attended (where he would be voted out 6-3-1-1).
Estefanagomez Big Brother 4 Outside Contact Asked people outside the game to help her with a competition. Received a strike and a score of zero for her challenge score.


  • SusieQS, the winner of Survivor: Wales, was later revealed to be a sockpuppet of a user named OddfictionramblesAJ.
    • Since "Susie" is not currently believed to have played 703 under any other names, "her" win was not revoked.
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