295px-Avahymaki2Hidden Immunity Idol - A common reward
Survivor Gameplay
Description Competitions in Survivor ORG where contestants battle for a certain prize or power that will benefit them or damage others in the game
Appearance(s) Every Season
Challenges are competitions in Survivor ORG in which the contestants battle for a certain prize or power that will benefit them in the game. There are several types of challenges, and dozens of challenges within those categories.

Types of ChallengesEdit

Reward ChallengesEdit

Reward Challenges are competitions that are performed as a tribe or individually, and when won have a wide variety of rewards that will benefit a contestant in the game. Reward Challenges aren't necessary for every cycle of 3 days, and appear more frequently in the pre-merge stage rather than the post-merge stage. Also, these challenges can be combined with immunity challenge, for the winner to receive both. 


This is a list of common rewards that can be obtained from a Reward Challenge.

  • Advantage/Power in next Immunity Challenge
  • Giving immunity to another Player
  • Kidnapping (Pre-Merge only)
  • Preventing an opposing player from participating in Immunity Challenge
  • Absorption (Pre-Merge only)
  • Decision of who goes to Exile Mountain
  • Clue to Hidden Immunity Idol
  • Double Vote
  • Fake Hidden Immunity Idol

Immunity ChallengesEdit

Immunity Challenges may be considered one of the most crucial aspects of the game. The winner(s) of these competitions will secure their tribal or individual safety for the upcoming Tribal Council. Unlike Reward, Immunity occurs every time prior to a Tribal Council. In 703 ORG Survivor, Reward and Immunity challenges can sometime coincide, where receiving a reward may help you win immunity.

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