Day 24Edit

So, Max approached me and told me that "SOMEONE" told him that I knew about the idols being played last tribal. I honestly DID NOT know about them, but was very happy that they were played. As for this tribal, I'm pretty sure I'm flipping and going to roll with Gavin/Jordan. I want DAN out of this tribe and hopefully it could happen tonight. I don't feel safe at ALL though, and I will probably cause a scene if I get sent some strange vibes... I would NOT be surprised if Dan tried to flip on me this tribal. I AM A CANNON ABOUT TO BLOW


Max and Dan are starting to see that Jordan and I are not dying anytime soon, and are finally making an alliance chat with us. Tbh, I would love to work with Max, Dan, and/or Bryce long-term. They all seem like great people, and the fact that both Bryce and Dan told me I was on the chopping block gains them brownie points from me. Ian and Noah should be out next if I have anything to say about it.


Gavin had the nerve to message me yesterday and be like: "perry, do you know the plan?"



YES! My plan worked and Eddie is gone. Now it really doesn't matter which tribe goes to tribal, because either way my two rules are satisfied:

1. I have a majority for the future. 2. I am safe. If Qin goes to tribal, we can vote out Noah without any threat of an idol play (since they both just got used). If Shang goes to tribal, Gavin or Jordan (probably Gavin) will go home, which will mean moves will get made further along in the game, meaning I'll be safe for longer. Either way, assuming the merge is at 10 (rip) Shang will have a majority, so that's good. Emma and I have agreed to vote out Gavin first thing at the merge if he survives this next round. He's just too unpredictable, and he doesn't follow directions (lol, I'm a dictator). He'll be easy to turn everyone against, because he's already excluded Ian and Jordan from important information (e.g. having an idol), plus I'm sure the Qin people would be happy to stick around another round. So that's the plan for the next few rounds: Gavin goes and a member of Qin goes. Bring it on.


So Bryce.. was like eddie was my number 1 and i was okay i am willig to work with you!! but i am like idk man.. frown emoticon i dont know what to do since these hoes dont like to talk to me which is kinda good so i can play as a goat to get infomation and then backstab people.

i want to not make this game predictable... but if a qin member gets to the end there gonna win!! I just dont know what to dooooo ugh why do i have to suck!!!


Day 25Edit

Geez, Perry, calm down :P I'll let you play mastermind for as long as you want, but you will make yourself a huge threat strategizing like this.


Also, today Max (ha) tried to convince me he had found the idol by sending me a screenshot of him guessing the location of the idol in the T column. This is clearly a lie for multiple reasons:

1. There are no idols left. 2. Tom already has that one. 3. Even if he DID have it, that's the fake one... So... I really don't know how Max thinks... Does he think I'm stupid? Does he think I don't have a basic social game, such that I can verify information? He's truly a mystery.


Well fuck me right in the weeha... my plan is to try to keep noah since honestly... this qin pagonging is getting so boring af!!! but idk... i kinda want to get out a psychical threat who isnt perry because a its to early to flip on him and ill try to get him out later... So i would either want noah or sean out... but rip i like sean </3 but ugh idk idk idk ahh atleast there is no more throwing


What i hear that noah is a good player... my plan is if noah wins immunity then bye sean!!! and if sean wins immunity then bye noah!! if perry wins immunity like he always does then frick maybe noah???


Day 26Edit

what can you expect from a Guy with Autism who just plays his ax


Max, lying about your score on this challenge may have screwed you and Dan :'(


UGH ok. So apparently if he loses, Bryce is going home on Shang, which is unfun because I was going to use him as a shield at merge. He's the most threatening member of Qin and he would take some of the heat off of me. On top of that, another individual immunity challenge (which I will probably win, tbh) means I'm just going to come off as more of a challenge threat, which is not something I need going into the merge.

So I need to play down my threat level. But I really want this immunity because it means moving from final 11 to final 9, which is significant improvement. Additionally, it means I can be honest with Noah when I vote him out, which will earn me major jury points with the first jury member (who I know will have a lot of sway on the jury). Earlier, I untied the platypus squad against a common enemy: Qin and Counterstrike. But now that those threats are all but gone, I'm going to emerge as a threat, which I can't allow at this point. I'm good at challenges, but I probably can't win all of them, so I need to save myself for a streak at the end, which I've managed in every season I've won. So what I'm thinking of doing is the following: 1. Socialize more with Sean and Norbert, I'm going to need them later. 2. Throw the target on Gavin and Jordan, primarily Gavin. 3. Let Emma strategize more, and in general, listen don't tell. I want to ask people what they want to do for the vote, rather than tell them what I want to do. If I can get other people to target one another, and get them trying to make moves against someone other than me, it takes some of the heat off of me, which is exactly what I need right now.


So Gavin walks further into the pit. I really want to try to save him from first merged boot, but he explicitly told me he wants a Shang person gone first, because he trusts Max and Dan (that social game tho). So I really don't know what there is to do for him, he's just thrown so many people under the bus.

I want to be prepared for if I don't win immunities, so players like Gavin are good to have around. I can throw him under the bus so easily and bandwagon against him. Unfortunately, he's going to end up taking himself out early. Also Max either is making stupid, desperate pleas to me to save Noah or he's reverse psychology-ing me into taking him out. Either way, he should know by now that I know he's full of shit, and I take his suggestions with a grain of salt.


*light applause for Perry being the first contestant to win individual immunity twice pre-merge*

Also I probably made the merge, which means I'll be dateable :') unless we legit merge at like 8...which would be nearly impossible. Then again, Max is still in, which is a certified miracle. So tonight, we're booting Noah. He's a nice guy, and I'm sad to see him go, but he's original Qin, and I don't really have anyone I want to boot on this tribe. I'd really be happy if the entirety of Shang goes before us, since I think I could work with this group, but unfortunately we still have to go to tribal. Goodnight sweet prince, may you sleep softly on the jury.


Dan is pulling some shit. He is very sketchy but at this point I need to got with my three phase plan and start getting people out. Right now, I need to maintain that tribal rivalry. This will force strict alliance lines post merge and perhaps I can assemble another alliance to start Phase 3. This is what I think is going to happen:

1. Dan is going to vote with Jordan and Gavin . Gavin IS NOT going to use his idol. Since me, eddie and bryce are splitting votes, It will be a 3-2-1 vote and either bryce or eddie will get out. I can change that. By voting for Jordan instead of Gavin, I can force a 3-3 tie or perhaps even a 3-2-1 vote with 3 votes for Jordan. I'm not flipping right now because I don't want to be the center of attention. It's literally useless at this point to switch to Shang. I will do that when I make the merge xD


We have an even BIGGER problem! It turns out, Perry didn't have the Idol. But either Gavin or Jordan did! It doesn't matter, though, as they BOTH HAD ONE! And they BOTH USED THEM at last Tribal. And sent none other than Eddie packing. God, dammit. God fucking dammit. My number one ally this entire game sent packing. How depressing that was to see. So damn bittersweet. We talked for a long time about returning together, playing, and even reaching the end together. It really does break my heart to see how that's not gonna happen. Such an amazing guy and spirit gone so soon. I'm heartbroken. But, I can't grief this subsequent loss for too long. I, as well as everyone else, need to focus on this game. I had a bit of a chat with Perry about what we were gonna do as far as our alliance goes, and we both agreed that we may be completely fine without him. As long as we make it through either one or two Tribals during the merge unscathed, we should be completely okay! This was just absolutely bittersweet for me is all. But, I suppose I shouldn't be too down in the dumps. I mean, I beat my original twelfth placement in Australia, AND, I am the last remaining Australia contestant left in the game. It's pretty damn symbolic if I do say so myself. Oh, and by the way, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon, thank you very much.


Oh. My. God. Max is literally the most annoying person I've ever had the misfortune to play with in any Survivor ORG. I went to see my high school's musical today, and after the show, and there's five messages waiting for me that say, "NNNNOOOOOAAAAAAHHHH, NOAH, NOAH, NOAH, NOAH!" ALL IN A ROW! LIKE, DUDE! CALM THE FUCK DOWN! It turns out, he's literally worried sick about me for this double Tribal. He talked to Perry and literally begged him to keep me safe. He said he'd owe him everything. The thing is, I have no idea how Perry responded. BUT, APPARENTLY, Max was also talking to Gavin, and kind of threw me under the bus in some way by saying I was Eddie's "right-hand man," and that I'd get revenge on them for taking him out. God, he's a complicated little thing, isn't he? I don't know how he's gonna react if I don't win Immunity tonight. I, personally, am trying to keep calm about this whole ordeal, especially considering how I'm predicting either Perry or Sean'll win this challenge. Assuming Emma, Perry, and Sean vote with me, all remains well. We meet up with Bryce at the merge, and we're set for the final five! But, I'm not gonna keep my hopes high by all means. No more Idols from Qin or Shang. This is it!


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