Day 17Edit

um omg i'm screaming I didn't even try in this challenge why do I go awf so hard in tetris


Well, this mutiny sucks lmao. I'm losing my closest ally, Heather, and Jessy who I've put in a lot of effort to get to know and trust. I still have my power trio -- Tyler F. and Ali -- and Eden's loyal as hell too, so I can't complain too much.

I'm more curious to see who we're gonna get coming here however. Tyler F. said Tyler P. and Cali were swapping tribes but you can never be too sure. If that is the case. I'm hyped tho! Tyler P. is dope in challenges, and Cali is an easy vote if we happen to lose (rip jinxing myself tbh). But ugh yeah this game stressin' me out why'd it have to be a mutiny of all things smh.


Ok. I'm going to mutiny because Jace and Xavier are shady motherfuckers and I rather work with Tyler P and Tyler F:)


It's here, the mutiny. Even though I said that I'm mutinying, since then I've gotten in a better position on the tribe. I'm hoping Jessy, Seth, and lowkey Heather mutiny over, then it will be perfect.


I don't know what's gonna happen. I'm hearing Cali and Tyler P are coming to our side which is good because we can vote off Cali easily and then Tyler P!


I honestly have no real valid reason why this is so late. A mix of alcohol and business and laziness.

So I guess the last time I left one of these was before Tyler M left, so I’ll start waaay back there. I cannot say I’m too heartbroken to see the guy go, they were gonna target me most likely and I would’ve had to use my idol to stay in the game. I wasn’t going to rely on him not submitting because that’s risky and cheap and unreliable, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t gonna point it out. The added bonus is that now I can’t be the first Tyler to be eliminated from Chile. The next day I woke up to the AMAZING news that there was a chance to mutiny! Even though I had a plan already made for the Cerro tribe where I idol out one of their top players, I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to join people that might actually keep me around by choice! Before I made the decision, however, I get messages from both Tyler F and Heather. Heather tells me to stay on Cerro because she’s mutinying over to me. Tyler F tells me to mutiny and join him. This was a dilemma I wasn’t expecting. They were both people I wanted to play this game with, and now I’d have to make a decision. At first I considered staying because I knew where I stood with Heather better than I did with Tyler F, but I realized that the move I make needs to benefit myself. Jessy was also joining Cerro, and she’s been one of the biggest advocates against me (@Jessy I see u plotting, you’re not that smooth). If I stayed put, I’d be on a tribe with Heather + everyone who wants me out. Patos gave me options to move forward. So I mutinied. I also wanted to make sure that I had some security on the Patos tribe, so when Tyler F suggested to me to drag Cali to Patos too, I had already been thinking about it. I explained to Cali the situation from my perspective (how Jessy is with everyone and we’re screwed) and she agreed to mutiny with me. I was glad she did, because I wouldn’t wanna be the only Cerro going to Patos, but it was almost too easy to convince her, so I thought something else might be up. When Jace messaged me about the mutiny (we hadn’t argued and since I was mutinying and didn’t need to put my plan into action, there was no need to start one), he mentioned that he assumed Cali would swap too, which in my opinion should have made him more upset. Not that they had to be allies, but her name was thrown at Alf and I before so I would have thought they’d want her as an easy vote. At this point I suspected that Cali might be coming over to Cerro to maybe spy or sabotage Patos for the Cerro tribe. She barely talks but is often online, so she could easily look at our tribal chat and relay anything that she hears to Cerro. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions yet though, because she was a potential ally, and decided to wait and see her challenge score. While all of Patos FLOPPED the puzzle (no offense to them but like Eden come on submit man), I noticed that Cali’s score was up there pretty close to the no submission score. It could have just been a lousy score, but I went into Tribal Council mode and interpreted that as possibly sabotaging the tribe. I started the campaign to get Cali out, which part of me felt guilty because she could’ve been safe on Cerro, but another part of me saw as just gameplay and a hint of revenge for the Alf vote. Now I’m at a point where I’m worried about Heather’s position in the game. She’s in an unfortunate spot on Cerro and I’m worried she’ll be voted out before the merge and we won’t get to truly wreck this game together </3. I mean, technically I could maybe afford a loss or two with Patos because Eden is dead weight and I still have that idol, but it’s such a risk. I haven’t given up hope yet though, and maybe we’ll still tear the Cerro kids apart! Speaking of the idol, I am playing it very carefully. I haven’t told anyone in the game that I have the idol. I’ve hinted at it to Heather and Tyler F, but with screenshots going everywhere this season I’m not taking any chances. I’m doing my best to play the game in a way that looks like someone fighting to last the week, because if I’m successful in playing this off and making merge, I can use it as a secret weapon and maybe dismantle that tight Cerro crew. The fact that I mutinied and that I’m putting so much into challenge scores still are both part of this strategy, because if even one person believes I’m slacking or doing something questionable, that doubt leads to speculation and that speculation leads to disaster.

–Tyler P.

The Endless Cycle: Oh the endless cycle is so boring! Jessy tells me something, then I tell Tyler F, then he tells Jessy, and so on and so forth. I Mean it's getting a bit much.

Jessy just messaged me: "so tyler told me that you told him what I told you" Like wtf... This is s0 rand0m


Bye Tyler P. May you find love on Patos.


Can Xavier just be taken out of this game for good? Hes so annoying like he keeps messaging me everyday and he's suspecting of me and Tyler as a final 2 deal! I told him to screw off since he doesn't know anything about our tribe.


So yeah TP isn't online but there's really no doubt at this point that he's mutinying. So we're going to have a guy who hates me above anyone else spilling his guts to Patos. This distinguishes me from the crowd above all else, which means I may be seen as a threat later. It also means I have a believable story to tell if I ever get to the end. So it could go either way on that front.

I don't think this is necessarily bad for us. I'm waiting on a response from Jessy, we'll see if she's coming over, and if anyone is following her. If it's basically a TP-Jessy swap, our numbers don't change and I think we come out as a closer group than before. If more people than just her come over (I'm not worried about anyone other than TP leaving us) then we actually come out on top of the numbers. I actually think the mutiny is what's best for almost everyone - TP, Jessy, The Smash Bros., we all happy. Idk how the Patos majority will feel but I don't particularly care either. This is good.


Day 18Edit

Ok so the mutiny went almost exactly how I wanted. I was hoping Cali stayed so she could be an easy first vote, but at least Jessy and Seth are here. Heather I don't know, I think if we lose we should try to get her out, but I'm NOT strategizing too early, I've learned that lesson. I kinda just want to win until merge, that'd be nice.


Um...Xavier?? Jace?


How can I do this puzzle, I cant even spell! So happy that Jessy's out of here! like omg she didnt belong and like ripped us all apart but Im stoked I finally see some new people. thank god


There is kind of a lot of pressure on me whenever we lose. I have the decision to take out the people that I promised safety if they mutinied, or betray the alliance that is the only reason I got this far. I just really hope that we don't attend tribal until the merge because I have no idea what to do at this point. I'd rather deal with it at the final 7 than the final 12.


this twist is amazing because we can see Jessy leave! I'm so happy like bye girl! Good riddance... But who are gonna target now? I don't even know. Seth already mutiny to the other tribe which I'm sad about


So the reason why I mutinied was because P*tos is honestly soo disfunctional. Everyone is so flip floppy and Tyler is just a poor ally to have. He's too overpowering as a gameplayer and I'm not here for that!

Also, the way things were going, I don't think Jessy/Heather/and I would have all made it to the merge! Plus Cerro is a lot better at challenges than us so... I think I have a few good reasons for wanting to flip lmao I'M ABOUT TO POP TF A W F ON CERRO RN!! XAVIER STOP BEING A PUSSY ASS BITCH AND FLIP LIKE WE'RE LOYAL AF I JUST DON'T WANT TO BE PREMERGED I WILL SCREAM TBFH. Like honestly. Xavier has the potential to FLIP THIS TRIBE UPSIDE DOWN AND FUCK SHIT UP J'TIA STYLE BUT HE WON'T BECAUSE HE "doesn't want to piss anyone off" WELL B I C T H YOURE PISSING ME TF OFF*tQwVjEpM715IAH7co4z9Vh2YD-0m30HyOZhJi2jIqzmfWFa6aTnKEQ0UqudcWFEspR/MommaDeeBICTH2.gif So Xavier decided he's gonna vote Heather just because he doesn't want to piss Ev*n off lolok smile emoticon smile emoticon :))))


Now I feel super comfortable! oh my god this mutiny is super good! like FItz, Tyler F and myself have been good friends and really good allies since like Day 3? and we are on the same tribe with Eden who's close with us . I mean I think Im good! I never felt better thanks for them 3 for going <3


So when Jessy came online, she said she wasn't sure if she made it, but she, Heather, and Seth have tried to mutiny. Sweet, that leaves Patos without the numbers and only themselves or TP to vote out. From there, hopefully we can win our way to the merge, but if not, we can cut whichever of the Patos or Cali, that's a decision to make at the time.

More excitingly, I delved in to the Patos majority... You see,the Kamchatka family is a very close one. So even if we didn't interact much in that game, James and I still have that connection. I struck up a conversation with him, and though we were both very guarded at the start, he did say that we could expect 3 people coming over. He then started to open up... He said that the 3 people coming over were expecting to come into a majority, and to be careful as they may "take my spot". So the story matches Jessy's. But then... He said that one of the people coming over has an idol. Niiiiice. That's some good info. So James and I are still on opposite sides, but we at least have that connection. And I am grateful for that info, I'll try to keep the target off of him if we come out on top at merge. I'm not going to tell the Smash Bros what I know about the idol, they can't know I have any connections in the Patos majority. That's going to be a secret that stays... Secret. But I do have a screenshot of it, should I ever need it..