Day 27Edit

 :O oh my actually...................worked....... I'm fading away....... fml this is so messy but at the same time so GOOD frick I'm...this is a lot

I actually feel guilt for voting someone out for the first time this game omg :( and the one thing that scares me about this is fitz because I love him so much but I had to do this for my game and like kjnFDs



And so long Tyler F. Now what i need to worry about it a potential power move by like Seth and Heather to take me and TP (official known as just Tyler now) out of the game. I know I'm going to be racking up votes because Eden hates me, Ali is a two faced bitch that I want to see go soon, and Fitz is okay. If I have a say in the matter, Fitz is last to go from NuPatos (not including Tyler who is going to the end with me). The next few days should be fun.


when tyler finally goes tf home:


Alright, so Tyler F just screwed himself over. He was the one that alerted Tyler P that we were voting for Jace. now it's just Ali, James and I. Hopefully I can make it to the final six or five, and become a swing vote in the heavily cracked majority. James has shared his idol clue with me, which is a great sign. Hopefully I can find it before he does, because it's always better to have power under your control, but if he finds it no biggie


what the hell just happen? I'm like so sad right now and I don't know what to do! Tyler was my final 2 ally... Fuck whoever voted him out, in the bright side they didn't vote me


It’s official. I am the oldest person left playing the game and the last Tyler standing.

We took out Tyler F., the idol was used on the right person and it looks like, Seth, Heather, Jace and I have just regained a majority in the game. If the events of the last few tribals have anything to show though, it’s that majorities turn into minorities on the dime. Now that I am without an idol, I’m feeling extremely vulnerable. It wouldn’t take a lot of convincing to get people to want me out of the game. All I have going for me is that me sitting in the final would piss almost everyone else who makes jury (like doesn’t matter who all go next, they’ll all end up hating me probably) and because of that, they could win against me. In the meantime, I’ll need to win me some more competitions, look for the merge idol and pray that everything will work out. I’m expecting some sort of endurance competition with posting coming up, so I’m trying to get myself prepared for when that happens so I can win and stay safe in this game. Jace says he’s very grateful that I used my idol to keep him in the game, and he’s promised me he’d take me to the finals if he got the chance. I like his gesture, idk if he’ll keep his word to me but this tells me that at least for now, I can probably trust him and rely on him for a few weeks. Heather is another person that I have a lot of trust in in this game, but it is becoming more and more cautious. Regardless of our friendship, I know Heather is a very strong social and physical competitor! She had herself in a good position with everyone when I played with her before, so I need to assume that she’s got some sort of connection with everyone else in the game. I’ve definitely gotta keep my eye out for her. I haven’t talked to Seth since Jessy left. I should do that. Thank you Seth for voting with us. Ali would probably be on the lower risk of going home of the three that were with Tyler F. He expressed he was going to try and get TF out next round, and if he felt that TF had to go before me then that’s pretty good in my books. I would say Fitz is in a fair amount of danger because he was perceived as TF’s right hand man. Great kid though and he and Ali were both pretty decent about it all going down like this (at least in the tribe chat, I haven’t checked PMs yet). Eden just idk he does his own thing. He wanted me out ages ago so I’m indifferent towards him staying or going. Plus we never talk. To the jury I hope this shows them that I wasn’t the one that caused Jessy to go home. I know she left thinking that but maybe this will make her rethink things. That’s also why I added the extra bit of speech with using the idol, to give everyone a look into my reasoning. By the way I am pretty sure I will be in the game until at least Monday, which is my nineteenth birthday!! Woo milestone! I just hope I don’t get voted out that very same day.

–Tyler P.

Day 28Edit

fuck Fitz and his screenshots and everyone else who uses screenshots to blackmail people to get what they want. IT'S SLEAZY; that's all I have to say.


Alright, Fitz winning isn't a big deal, I'd much rather have the necklace, but like our target is still Ali. I need to make it seem like Eden is the target without being too false so he potentially wastes an idol on him.


honestly I hate all of these people... Like Tyler F was the Hali to my Jenn but I don't want to quit and I'll fight to the end but seriously I don't like most of these people they all annoy me.. But Fitz is bae and I will never hate him


Fitz is really trying to turn me against Tyler. It's not going to work. Until I hear some real evidence, it is me and Ty till the end, sorry Fitz, but I'm not THAT much of a backstabbing bitch.


So it turns out Ali and Eden are really mad at me for taking out Tyler F. Shocking!! Fitz is the only one who is being reasonable about the whole thing and I appreciate that, because after all this is a game of outwitting, outplaying and outlasting. There’s no outloyal option.

What I found kind of funny was that suddenly that bogus f3 chat that Eden made with Fitz and I before merge suddenly came back to life after Tyler F left. Eden kept saying how we were gonna be final 3 and stuff like that but like ok if that was true this chat wouldn’t have died out at merge sooooo sorry. They’re playing this game too much with emotion. Fitz is proving himself to be very worthy though. Tbh I think not having Tyler F in the game is helping his game, because before this I think the consensus was that Fitz was Tyler F’s puppet. Fitz is playing the game very strategically and I’m very impressed with him. Fitz is also playing a very interesting strategic move right now. He got Heather wanting Jace out and Jace wanting Heather out, maybe to split up the votes and get it back to at least 3 vs 3 in final 6. His one error is that I’m close with both of them. I diffused the situation by showing Heather the screenshot that Fitz had sent Jace and Jace had shown to me, and now it looks like everything is back to targeting Eden. We just gotta keep up the image that we’re going with Fitz’s ideas and we should be golden. I’m kind of relieved that my name isn’t the one in the hot seat. Maybe it’s because everyone thinks the jurors hate me (and they might but that’s not a now issue that’s a later issue). I’m hoping that this lessens the idea that I’m a threat in this game and I can last longer in the game. In The Dark Knight there’s a line that says “either you die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” I think that kind of pertains to my situation. If I have to make a bunch of enemies to get to the end, it’s what I’ll have to do. Better that than be everyone’s best friend and join the jury.

–Tyler P.

Day 29Edit

Scramble Mode: On!

Even though I won immunity, this tribal I really need to make some magic happen to save my boys Eden and Ali. They're both so clearly on the chopping block, and with no idol in sight, it's gonna take all the effort in the world to save their asses. I've been talking to Jace, Heather, and Tylicious, and literally only Jace really wants to play ball with me. So, my method of attack? To turn them against each other. I told Jace that we need to vote for Heather because she's super tight with Tylicious and Seth, plus her possesing two pearls is hella scary, and I told Heather/Tylicious that Jace is the bigest jury threat out here so they need to take him out now. While I don't think I convinced any of them, I really hope Jace thinks on it and agrees that Heather is a huge threat that needs to be dealt with. If only Eden and Ali would pitch in and try to save themselves now<_<Fitz

Fitz spilling that tea that Heather wants me out. Maybe it's her time. I'll risk a 3-3 to take her out


I hope Heather goes home tonight I will feel so satisfied if she does! Like you flipped and your acting awkward to me so please leave this game at once! But your hot


This vote is terrifying. I really need to figure out what I am going to do.


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