Day 9Edit

ok I literally did that reward challenge ONE TIME right before the deadline and I whooped my entire tribe's asses.....this is... Not looking too great for us :))


So far in the game, everything seems to be going pretty smoothly. I haven’t been surprised by any of the votes we’ve had, and the people I’ve been voting for end up going home. Still, I think our tribe is far from one solid crew. There’s speculation everywhere! One person tells me Xavier and Jace are shady, another person is worried about Evan, people think Alf and I could go over to Heather and Tyler F in a possible swap/merge, etc. I don’t know who to trust, and since Nuno keeps saying to add hosts to alliance chats I’m getting paranoid that this means people have alliance chats that I’m not included in. Right now my strategy is going to be to kick ass in the challenges to buy myself time to get to building those connections with my tribemates.

–Tyler P.

so at this point idec about this challenge and am lowkey hoping we lose bc i want edens ass out. he's sketchy af, hes RUDE, he hasnt talked to me ONCE in this game, and I cant trust him!! Sorry Eden, you just ain't wolfy enough for me boo !


So after thinking about it and calming down, I feel better. I also went back and lookd at the Mongolia confessionals, so Jace apparently threw a challenge to take out Tom, who is known for being a challenge beast. Totes showing this to Tyler P. I feel like Jace is really after me and I appreciate that Zach told me. I do however still not trust Zach 100%.

Still feel like Xavier is playing me. Still want to believe he isnt. But trust is a dangerous thing in this game. Me? Paranoid? You dont say...


Jessy and I are like a pair now, and Heather and Seth are. Hopefully that pair stays loyal to Jessy and I, and we'll sail straight to the merge or impending swap.


So.. Jace and Xavier live the same place, got tons of friends on common on facebook.. I see how it is.


Lovely, Xavier and Jace has been sending screenshots of conversations with me to the other tribe. Great. Obviusly it was a mistake to save Jace and not take him out last time, but I let my paranoia get to me and Zach did too much without telling me.


Day 10Edit

It's confessional time, I haven't had one in far too long. So things are going good I think, Xavier wants to take out Alf now so like cool, cool. Tyler M is still annoying and Tyler P has been like MIA since we won immunity. I'm still hoping for a swap soon because like yeah I'm in a better spot, but I still don't trust any of these sons of bitches except Nick and Xavier. I'm really hoping to be able to work with Jessy and Seth. I feel like they would actually, you know, LIKE ME. Camp life has been alright because people are finally talking, but like I know its all for show, especially that minority alliance. They don't want nothing to do with us so they are just playing along to maybe save their ass. If Xavier is able to get some vote against Alf (because I've already gotten burned trying to do that so I'm done) maybe they will be saved. All in all, the tribe's okay, but I still want to get far far away from them.


So I got the first two idol riddles pretty easily, they made sense really fast. But the last one? I have no idea. I also think it's more important to keep the idol away from Jace and Xavier than it is to get it myself, so I'm going to work together with Tyler P on finding this idol. I might need the help more than he does anyway, he said he is good at riddles.


For the most part things this week have been running smoothly, except with Jace and Xavier. They cannot be trusted, Alf and I both agree about that. But there’s been talk about Jace and Xavier wanting to swap to Patos as soon as the opportunity arises! Like are you kidding me?? So Alf and I are going to have to make our tribe see that Xavier and Jace are huge threats. Not only because of this and the fact that they go to the same school, but also because apparently there’s a cross-tribal alliance with Xavier, Tyler M, Fitz, Jordan and Ali or something. If they thought they could pull the wool over my eyes, they really underestimated me. Unfortunately we can’t do anything about this now, since we’re not voting someone off, but this does give Alf and I some time to find the idol. The last clue is a tough one though, we’ve been brainstorming ideas for so long! I can’t think of what fills valleys and surrounds mountains that you can’t hold, and I feel like we’ve exhausted all the possibilities! We aren’t giving up though, and I just hope we get it before Jace or Xavier.

Alf is my closest ally on the Cerro tribe. We’ve gotten along since Day 1, we’re both good competitors, and we’ve both had targets for knowing people on the other tribe (hypocrites if you ask me, since we’re definitely not the only ones). If we make it far enough I think we could work well with Tyler F and Heather from Patos. If everyone is going to accuse us of working together I don’t see why we can’t make their accusations true. For now though I gotta keep up connections with the tribe and make sure everyone is living happily at Cerro. After all, we’re supposed to be one big family, right?

–Tyler P.

Day 11Edit

Fuck yeah! The idol is mine! Oh god, I want to idol out Xavier so bad. Nobody gets between me and my man and you sure as hell is trying to turning the other tribe against him, not cool.


So it turns out Alf is flipping when we swap/merge to be with Tyler F. I saw that friggin coming a mile away. Xavier and I will be the other flippers from this tribe, hunty, sorry not sorry. We need to throw the next immunity but not make it too obvious. I also need to trust the inactive clan OF COURSE. Time for the game to turn fucking insane again. One day of peace was nice.


ok so Tyler F's triflin ass came up to me expecting an apology so I gave him a bullshit apology bc apparently he heard I wanted him out which I do ! So I was like "lets not target eachother good? good" and he said good and i was like ok



Tyler's true colors are showing to me in this game and he's coming off as a PLAYER finally... and this player isn't on my side. He's trying to manipulate me into voting his way and completely ditch Jessy/Heather aka my alliance from day 1! Fml I've found myself in the middle ONCE AGAIN and there's no way around it this time.. I'm gonna piss SOMEBODY off lose someone's trust after this vote, which SUCKS because I don't want to be put in a powerless position if we swap.. ugh. I can either vote fuckboy ali or fuckboy lmao @ Tyler being like "I'll give you the power this vote... we can vote jordan or jessy" FIRST OF ALL... don't talk to me like I'm this explosive yeah I'm the deciding vote but I'm not stupid enough to actually believe I would have ANY power after this vote. SECONDLY... jessy? really? are you THAT stupid?! why would I vote her off ?! have you not figured out were friends yet? *rolls eyes* #anyways The way I see it is; Tyler/James/Ali have a final 3 deal, which is why Tyler wants to keep ali so bad! If Jordan goes, that leaves the 4 fuckboys + Jessy, Heather, and I. If Tyler thinks I don't like Jessy.. he'll want her out next, and he has the numbers! So voting with him puts me on the outs.... which I obviously don't want to happen just in case there ISNT a swap......


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