703 Podcast
703 Network Media
Description Webshow
Host(s) Tyler Ridgeway (2015-Current)
Alex Lopez (2016-Current)
Eva Salgado (2016-Current)
Thomas Saxby (2017-Current)
Danielle Pero (2017-Current)
Season(s) Active Survivor: Isla Del Sol-Survivor: Antarctica

Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains-Current

The 703 Podcast was a weekly talk show about every thing 703/Survivor related that aired since Survivor: Isla Del Sol. Hosted on Skype and then posted on YouTube, it was hosted by Survivor: Canada winner Tyler during Survivor: Isla Del Sol to Survivor: Antarctica, before reconvening again during Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains. The show featured a regular rotation of former contestants discussing their respective seasons, other seasons and what may come in 703's future. Former contestants, Alex from Survivor: Siem Reap and Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains & Eva from Survivor: Socotra and Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains , were added as podcast hosts in Season 2 in 2016. During Season 2, Thomas & Danielle was added as the 4th & 5th podcast host.


The show was launched during Isla Del Sol and was originally only hosted by Tyler. The original season lasted 13 episodes with the final episode taking place during Antarctica. Season 2 was launched during Heroes vs. Villains' run, and featured the addition of Alex and Eva as hosts. At the end of San Marcos' run, Thomas & Danielle was added as the 4th & 5th podcast host.

Season 1Edit

Episode Number Episode Title Airdate Guests
1 You Tried It August 13, 2015 BooIdolS1HeatherChileJaceChileRyanBCanada
Boo, Heather, Jace & Ryan B
2 Evan Channels
Inspector Teisha
August 23, 2015 DiegoEmmaS8Jaylencancer
Diego, Emma, Jaylen, Evan & Sora
3 Touching On Tom August 23, 2015 SamLukeoJoeS8Host
Sam, Luke, Joe, Gavin & Will
4 Where's Zane? August 29, 2015 GraceS10NunoWillJapan
Grace, Nuno & Will
5 These Questions
Are Problematic
September 21, 2015 HeatherASHost
6 I Gave My
Key To Nuno
December 13, 2015 NatalieMEhostAlexASJohnS13JohnnyS14
Natalie, Alex V., John & Johnny
7 You Are So Petty December 23, 2015 AlexS13HannahS13EddieS8
Alex, Hannah & Eddie
8 Promotion Time! January 7, 2016 BooASBryceS8EvanAS
Boo, Bryce, Evan, Jace, Joe & Sam
9 I'm The Cutest January 20, 2016 TrentS14JohnnyS14DannyS14
Trent, Johnny, Danny,
Austin & Isaac
10 Canadian Revenge January 20, 2016 SoraS14MergeDanielleS14MergeDannyS14
Sora, Danielle, Danny,
Hunter & Johnny
11 Charleyception January 31, 2016 CharleyS13
12 Jake Comes Online February 10, 2016 JakeBB2
13 Where's Zane? Part 2 April 29, 2016 BlaineAwardTomSAwardGraceAwardWesIdolS2
Blaine, Tom, Grace & Wesley

Season 2Edit

Episode Number Episode Title Airdate Guests
14 A Complete Mess September 23, 2016 DanielleS19
15 Alex & Eva's HvV Exit Interview September 21, 2016 AlexHvVEvaHvV
Alex & Eva
16 Sarah's HvV Exit Interview September 24, 2016 SarahHvV
17 Still A Complete Mess January 22, 2017 EddieHvVTomHvV
Eddie & Thomas
18 It's Not That Deep February 2, 2017 EvaS22HostTylernerd
Eva, Tyler,
Nick, Evan & Joe
19 The Q & A Part 1 February 8, 2017 DaniBB3T
20 #LiesAndViciousRumors February 19, 2017 HannahS22SheaS22ChrisS22
Hannah, Shea, Chris,
Malik & Sim
21 The San Marcos Re-Up March 4, 2017 NickS22AustinS22ChrisS22
Nick, Austin, Chris,
Malik, Brandon & Claudia
22 Sora Haynes Uncut March 6, 2017 NickS22SoraHvVDani703scars2017
Nick, Sora & Danielle
23 The Genius Podcast April 12, 2017 TGMalikTGZakriahTGCJ
Malik, Zakriah, CJ,
Joseph, Gavin, & Loren
24 A 703 Tea Spill May 31, 2017 TylerS27Host


  • In season 1, Heather, Jace, Joe, Boo, Evan, Sora, Danny, Grace & Johnny are the only guests to make more than one appearance on the show.
  • Alex & Eva's interviews were recorded before Danielle's episode, however due to it revealing game information, it wasn't put up to the public until the season was finished.

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